Daggerford and the North

Campaign Session Report #10

Waterdeep, Part 1

Game session date: 3 January 2014

Campaign Date: 25 Marpenoth – 27 Marpenoth 1357 DR

On the first morning in Waterdeep, the Heroes had breakfast together at the Pampered Traveler, but then Thorkil went out to drop off Derval’s order and then visited The Plinth and prayed at the shrine of Moradin inside the Temple of All Faiths. While he was out, Elena, Lyssa, and Noran explored the massive Waterdeep marketplace. Eventually, they met back up with Thorkil while still in the marketplace and while wandering around and perusing the goods, they overheard that the Zun family of nobles was looking for some help in clearing undead from their family crypts. The Heroes decided to approach the family and offer to help.

They arrived at the Zun family villa and were seen by Olsztel Zun, heir to the family fortune. He explained that the day before, some of the family servants had gone to the City of the Dead to do monthly maintenance on the crypt. They heard noise coming from inside and, assuming it to be looters, opened the door to the crypt. Instead of looters, they saw two dead things scrambling up the stairs and smelled a horrible wet stench of death. The servants slammed the door and ran all the way back to the villa. The Heroes agreed to investigate and dispatch the undead and negotiated a preliminary price for their services. They were to meet the servant Joseph at one of the gates the next morning and Joseph would lead them to the crypt.

After leaving the Zun estate, the Heroes went across the city to the Tower of Luck – the Temple of Tymora – and procured some holy water and healing potions, just in case. They then returned to the Pampered Traveler and spent the evening relaxing before the next day’s adventure.

On Marpenoth 26 the Heroes had breakfast then set out for the City of the Dead. They met old Joseph at the gate and he lead them to the crypt and gave them a key to the door, then retreated a safe distance to wait. The Heroes opened the crypt and the smell of wet death wafted out to greet them. Moments after entering the crypt, two ghouls came scrambling up the stairs from the tomb and attacked, followed by two more shortly thereafter. While dealing with these ghouls, Thorkil recognized the sound of spellcasting in the tomb below and eventually the caster revealed himself to be a ghast sorcerer. The fight was short but vicious, with both Thorkil and Elena being struck by the ghouls diseased claws and Elena being overcome by the ghast’s stench. After the fight, the Heroes cleared the tomb and secured it, finding that the undead had come through a tunnel in one corner where the wall had collapsed. Thorkil investigated the tunnel and found that it lead to the city’s sewers. The Heroes blocked up the tunnel as best as they could, then headed for the Zun villa to discuss the matter with Olsztel and claim their pay. Because they had to deal with a spellcaster that was not expected, the Heroes asked for a little more and it was paid with no argument. After being paid, the Heroes again went to the Tower of Luck to have themselves checked for disease and cured if necessary.

After the temple they headed back to the Pampered Traveler for lunch. Thorkil ate and then put on his new robes and went to the Tower of the Order, the headquarters of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors, where he intended to join. After Thorkil left, Lyssa and Noran headed out to explore the city while Elena intended to stay at the inn and relax. After everyone else was gone, Elena overheard some other people at the inn talking about a Red Wizard over at the Asp’s Strike asking about “heroes from Daggerford”. In a near panic, and only knowing where Thorkil went, Elena set out to find him. After finding Thorkil and telling him what was going on, the two Heroes then set out looking for their other two companions. They found Noran at Silavene’s gambling hall and he gave them a couple places Lyssa mentioned visiting, and they eventually found her rather indisposed at Mother Tathlorn’s House of Pleasure. Once back at the inn, the four decided the next day they would investigate and try to draw the Red Wizard out.

On the 27th, the Heroes set out for the part of the city where the Red Wizard reportedly was seen. They pass by the Asp’s Strike and examine Aghairon’s Tower, where Thorkil nearly gets in trouble for throwing a rock at the skeleton of the wizard trapped at the tower. They then headed to the Dragon’s Head tavern across the square and had lunch. Upon exiting the tavern, Thorkil was entertaining some street urchins with simple magic when a ball of acid hit in the chest – the Red Wizard has been waiting on them. There was a brief battle in the streets and the Heroes dropped the wizard (unconscious) just as the City Watch arrived and arrested everyone (except Lyssa, who made a stealthy escape).

They spent an hour in jail before being questioned by the Watch Captain, who let them go after corroborating their story. The wizard was being held and charged and would probably be fined and spend time in prison. They were given the wizard’s gear for bringing him down and decided to use his money for an evening on the town – eating dinner at the Singing Sword tavern and then going to Mother Tathlorn’s for an evening of pleasure.



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