Daggerford and the North

Campaign Session Report #12.5

Waterdeep, Part 3 - Finishing Undermountain

Game session date: 24 January 2014

Campaign Date: 3 Uktar – 17 Uktar 1357 DR

Leaving the trapped room behind, the Heroes continued north to a long, wide east-west hallway filled with statues. Before they could examine the statues, there was a loud roar and several screams from a door to the east, and underneath the noise Elena could hear someone shout, “Run! It’s got us!”

They moved to the door hurriedly, and after Noran pronounced it free of traps, Thorkil flung it open. Inside, they saw a huge room, near the center of which was a chimera munching on a dead body, with four other bodies strewn about. The chimera saw the Heroes and charged. It was a vicious fight, but the Heroes prevailed and then examined the five dead bodies, finding on some of them tattoos of the symbol of Zanbos.

There were three sets of double doors in the east wall of the chimera room (the northernmost of which were open) and one set in the south. They investigated the south door first and when Elena moved ahead without having Noran check for traps, she triggered a trap and fell into a 30 feet deep pit. The party used ropes to help her climb out, and beyond the pit was a room with numerous glowing rocks in the walls and floor. On each glowing rock was etched a name, and as they looked around, Elena found her name on one them. There was nothing else in the room.

They left the glowing room and moved back through the chimera room and out the open doorway. To the northeast, Elena heard voices and up a short flight of stairs she saw torchlight. Sneaking up, she saw five people inside, hastily throwing items into a chest. When one them said, “If Dandobar hadn’t gotten himself caught, we wouldn’t have to do this,” she knew she’d found the cultists of Zanbos. She signaled the others and they leaped to attack. Immediately, one of the cultists threw a lever and opened a gate, allowing a minotaur out to join the fight.

It was an extremely vicious fight, with Elena dropping unconscious and being saved by Lyssa and a potion of healing, but eventually the Heroes triumphed and defeated the cultists and their minotaur. They gathered the items from the chest and also the dead body of the head of the cult and headed back to the surface, taking the body and items to the Blackstaff, who thanked them and rewarded them with 50 Waterdhavian harbor moons (worth 50 gp each in Waterdeep or 2 gp each outside the city).

The Heroes then spent the next 10 days doing nothing but relaxing at the Pampered Traveler and nearby taverns, playhouses, and festhalls. They left Waterdeep on the morning of the 14th of Uktar and had an uneventful journey back to Daggerford, arriving late on the 17th.



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