Daggerford and the North

Campaign Session Report #14

Courier Duty

Game session date: 1 February 2014

Campaign Date: 11Nightal – 20 Nightal 1357 DR

On the 11th of Nightal, the Heroes went to the Duke’s palace to pick up the package for Lord Piergeron of Waterdeep. At that time, they were each given an extra 10 gp for expenses on the trip. Their orders were to take the package straight to Castle Waterdeep and present it to The Blackstaff. They would stay overnight in Waterdeep and head home the day after arriving. Leaving Daggerford, the first day’s ride north was uneventful outside of meeting a small hunting party, and they reached a camp around sunset. That night, there was a fight with some starving wolves.

The 12th of Nightal was uneventful as well and the Heroes reached the Roosting Griffon Inn by late afternoon. The inn was surprisingly busy, with a party of gnome gem merchants from Waterdeep headed for Secomber, a couple gold dwarves from far to the south headed to Waterdeep, a party of merchants from the Waterdeep headed east, and a mysterious black-cloaked man sitting in a dark corner, watching everyone else. The innkeeper, Farrel, tells the Heroes there have been more hobgoblins about lately, as well as more axebeaks.

That night, someone tried to break into the Heroes room, but they could find no guilty party.

The next morning, the 13th, the Heroes gathered for breakfast before departing, finding that the merchants as well as the mysterious man were all up and gone before the Heroes awoke. After breakfast, the Heroes continued north and had a run in with some starving goblin dogs. Elena’s horse, Boots, was killed by animals. Around sunset, they reach Zundbridge where the guards stationed there tell them that a mysterious black-cloaked man passed by a few hours earlier, headed north.

On the 14th, the Heroes leave Zundbridge on their last day of riding before Waterdeep. An hour or so after setting out, as they pass the Rat Hills, they encounter a large group of scavenging kobolds, but quickly out-ride them, reaching Waterdeep around noon. After entering the city, they realize that someone is tailing them, but they can’t identify the tail.

As they arrive at Castle Waterdeep, the Heroes see The Blackstaff on the steps leading up to the main doors, where he is talking to the mysterious black-cloaked man from The Roosting Griffon. They are able to hear the man enough to know that his accent puts him from around the vicinity of Baldur’s Gate. After he takes his leave, the Blackstaff turns to the Heroes and accepts the package from Duke Pwyll on behalf of Lord Piergeron. They inquire about the black-cloaked man and are told that he is Zander Kane of Baldur’s Gate, an agent of the Harpers. The Blackstaff gives each Hero a token that grants them lodging and food at the Yawning Portal for one night then bids them farewell.

Leaving Castle Waterdeep, the Heroes stop at a stable where Elena buys a new horse and names it Scout. They then go on to the Yawning Portal to stay the night. While taking their evening meal, the lift comes up from Undermountain bearing a very morose party of adventurers who clearly lost a member of their party. The whole inn goes quite for several long minutes.

On the 15th, the Heroes have breakfast at the Yawning Portal then set out for the south. Their ride is uneventful, outside of seeing a herd of wild cattle in the distance, and they reach Zundbridge in early afternoon.

The 16th finds the Heroes riding to the Roosting Griffon Inn after an uneventful day. The Griffon is much quieter on the return trip, with only a small party of hunters present. The hunters report killing an axebeak just south of the Griffon the day before.

On the 17th, the Heroes continue their return trip. A few hours after leaving the Griffon they find a dead axebeak being scavenged by crows, and they kill 3 more of the giant predatory birds themselves. They camp for the night, but their camp is disturbed by wandering ghouls, probably escaped from some tomb or ruins nearby.

Finally, the Heroes return to Daggerford on the 18th of Nightal after an uneventful day’s ride. The next two days are spent on uneventful town patrol, and the weather turns bitter cold.



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