Daggerford and the North

Campaign Session Report #15

Winter Wolves

Game session date: 8 February 2014

Campaign Date: 21 Nightal 1357 – 11 Alturiak 1358 DR

21 Nightal was the first day of a tenday off duty for the Heroes. They spend most of that tenday training and studying and in personal pursuits. During the tenday a heavy amount of snow falls, but by the end of the tenday the snow is over and the bitter cold temps begin to moderate to only mildly cold.

The 1st day of Hammer – the first day of the new year, 1358 DR, the Year of Shadows, finds the Heroes once again on guard duty. This day and the next are spent in routine patrol, but on the 3rd of Hammer, during their lunch, the Heroes are summoned to Commander Sherlen’s office. Reports have come in of very large white wolves attacking and killing livestock nearby to the east, along with the report of a farmer and his two kids being killed as well. Witnesses say the wolves were stark white and as large as ponies. Elena guesses them to be winter wolves. The heroes gather their gear and head out immediately for the farm where the three people were killed, arriving there around sunset. They find the place a bloody shambles, and find large wolf prints in the snow. The Heroes stay at the farmhouse for the night and set out to track the wolves the next morning.

The trail of the wolves leads the Heroes northeast to the edge of the hills. The two sets of tracks are joined by four sets from slightly smaller wolves (Elena believes these to be dire wolves dominated by the winter wolf pair). They track the entire pack to an ancient tomb in the side of a large hill, find the wolves sleeping, and attack them, getting the upper hand. After dispatching the evil wolves, the Heroes set out to explore this long lost tomb, finding, among other things, a glowing fountain of magical water that has no discernible effect on any of them, an altar to the ancient god of the sun, Amaunator, with two large gem stones, a strange pillar covered with runes, a small pile of treasure on an island in an underground stream (which includes a magical, dragon-slaying sword of dwarven make), and several undead.

Satisfied that the wolves are no longer a problem and the undead in the tomb are dispatched, the Heroes set out to return to Daggerford. They again stay at the farmstead overnight and on the 5th of Hammer return to Daggerford to make their report. Thorkil takes the dwarven sword, which he thinks might be the sword of the king of Illefarn, to Dervil, but after careful examination Dervil proclaims the sword to be a very good – and possibly official – copy, maybe given to a son or respected general.

The Heroes spend the rest of the tenday on routine patrol through town and on the walls. When their shift is over on the 10th, they begin a stretch of 41 days off all to themselves. They decided to spend the next 30 days in training.



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