Daggerford and the North

Campaign Session Report #16

Verdigris the Dragon

Game session date: 22 February 2014

Campaign Date: 12 Alturiak – 20 Ches 1358 DR

After spending a month training various skills and abilities, on Alturiak 12 the Heroes decide to travel south to monitor the roads. They rode out of Daggerford and by sunset were in Gillian’s Hill, where they learned of no important news.

On Alturiak 13 they set out again, continuing south. The ride was uneventful and in the later afternoon arrived at Liam’s Hold, where they checked in at the Holdfast Inn. Again, the news was nothing exciting and no recent troubles.

The next day they were up an on the road once again, reaching one of the campsites along the road by nightfall. Elena hunted for fresh meat but only came up with a couple rabbits. She did, however, find a huge, 3-toed footprint, and the supposition was that i might be some type of troll.

On the 15th they check out the footprint again and find a trail. Following the trail, they eventually track down the creature that made it – a massive cave troll – and take the creature down.

The day after the fight with the troll, the Heroes rode overland north towards Gillian’s Hill and arrived at the hamlet in the later afternoon, finding things much as they left them a few days earlier.

On the 17th of Alturiak, the Heroes rode from Gillian’s Hill and headed for Cromm’s Hold, where they found all was in order and construction/repair of the wall on hold for the winter. They stayed at the Hold for the night, then the next day returned to Daggerford and reported in.

The Heroes spent the next few days in personal pursuits and then reported for guard duty on the 21st. The first several days of this rotation were normal and routine. Spring was slowly creeping closer, temps finally climbing back into the normal range (above freezing).

On Alturiak 27, as the Heroes were on the parade ground, they spotted a winged creature diving towards them. Closer inspection showed that it wasn’t actually diving, but falling instead, and it hit the ground nearby – a young copper dragon and atop it was a young wyvern. Landing next to the battling pair was another wyvern. The Heroes – and other guards – pitched in and defeated the wyverns, but the dragon was pretty badly wounded. Even with healing from the cleric, he would need several days to recover from the wyvern poison in his blood.

The dragon introduced himself as Verdigris. He had recently been in Waterdeep visiting The Blackstaff and was attacked by the wyverns in mid-air. Verdigris was extremely grateful for the Heroes help, and formally asked the Duke’s permission to remain in the city for a few days until he was well enough to fly again, which was granted.

For the next few days, the Heroes were assigned duty to guard Verdigris and keep him company. On Alturiak 30, the dragon decided he felt well enough to travel. He pulled small gems from his scales and gave one to each of the Heroes as a thank you, then took to the air and winged his way south. The rest of the day was spent on routine patrol duty.

The Heroes had the next tenday off, and they spent most of it in training. They returned to guard duty on the 11th of Ches, with the first several days passing as routine. Noran celebrated his 25th birthday on the 13 Ches and Elena celebrated her 26th birthday on 14 Ches.

On 18 Ches, as the Heroes are finishing up their shift, Sherlen comes to tell them that the next day they will be on wagon guard duty to Black Helm Tower, to the northeast, as the Duke and the city are sending official paperwork for archiving with the High Heralds. They set out on the 19th (Spring Equinox). Along the way they help some local farmers herd several aurochs and then reach Black Helm Tower in the early evening. The Heroes help haul the crates and barrels inside then are assigned quarters in the guesthouse. The next day they leave the tower and return to Daggerford without incident.



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