Daggerford and the North

Campaign Session Report #17

Who is Kelthas the Dread?

Game session date: 8 March 2014

Campaign Date: 21 Ches – 2 Tarsakh 1358 DR

Early in the morning of 21 Ches – what should be the first of several days off for the Heroes – the Heroes are summoned to the palace to meet with the Duke. Duke Pwyll has received a letter from Dalravyn at the Way Inn. He says that bandit activity has increased recently and that two local hunters were hired to track the bandits, finding them holed up in Riveore’s Keep, an old ruin at the base of the High Moor, a couple days ride east of The Way Inn. It was believed, based on what the hunters overheard, that bandit leader Jacko the Sly was present at the keep. Dalravyn requested that the Duke send a group to help, specifically asking for the Heroes of Daggerford.

The Heroes buy a few necessary supplies and then they hit the road, riding south for The Way Inn. The first day’s ride was uneventful and they end the day at Liam’s Hold. Word of the bandit raids to the south had already reach the hold and the people of the hamlet were glad to hear the Duke was sending the Heroes south to deal with the issue.

On Ches 22 the Heroes continue south, hearing news of bandits hitting a small caravan somewhere south of Bowshot. By Ches 23 the Heroes are at The Way Inn, meeting with Dalravyn. He introduces them to Emor Bowstride, one of the hunters that found the bandits, as well as Morn Brandywine and Gulph Buckhammer, two locals who volunteered to go along and help out. They supply up and then leave the hamlet headed east, reaching the edge of the forest by nightfall. That night, 3 undead ziburnis wander into camp, resulting in a fight.

The Heroes continue on on Ches 24, riding through the dark, thick forest. They come across an old sinkhole near the trail, but pass it by with a thought to investigate further on the return trip. Eventually, they camp for the night, still in the forest.

On the 25th, the Heroes leave the forest behind as they ride out onto the moors. In the distance, they can see the massive cliff wall that delineates the lower border moors from the High Moor proper. By mid-afternoon they reach the keep. While hidden, they formulate a plan and then fight through a couple dozen human, half-elven, half-orcish, orcish, and hobgoblin bandits, along with numerous war hounds. Once inside, they find a network of tunnels beneath the ancient keep where they manage to capture a bandit. The captive tells them that Jocko is no longer hear, that he left almost a tenday ago after getting a letter from “Kelthas”. The captive tells them that Jocko left Maren One-eye in charge, but unfortunately, the Heroes killed her in one of the skirmishes in the keep. The captive takes them to Maren’s room, which they search for anything useful, then to Jocko’s room, where they find a letter signed by Kelthas the Dread. In the letter, Kelthas informs Jocko that he is needed because the orcs have become unruly. The letter does not stay where Kelthas is located.

After looting the bandit hold thoroughly and recovering a large amount of stolen trade goods, the Heroes camp for the night outside and then ride back for The Way Inn on the morning of the 26th. The day’s ride is uneventful and they camp just inside the forest.

On the 27th, the Heroes ride again, coming once more to the sinkhole. They investigate and can see something shiny at the bottom. As Thorkil is lowered by a rope into the sinkhole, a tatzylwyrm attacks, but is dispatched before it can do much damage. The recover a fair amount of treasure from the bottom of the hole.

The next day the Heroes ride on for The Way Inn, arriving at the hamlet in the late afternoon. They turn over the identifiable trade goods to Dalravyn for redistribution to the owning caravan companies, and then they sell Dalravyn a good amount of foodstuffs recovered from the bandit larders.

On Ches 29, the Heroes push north for home, arriving in Bowshot in the early evening. They meet with Lord Bogdan and inform him of the news, and leave the prisoners with him (since Dalravyn does not have the capability of holding more than 1 prisoner). One of the prisoner’s gives them their first really good description of Jocko, explaining that he is a half-elf, possibly of wood elf heritage, that he has dark hair, tan skin, and a a tattoo of a dragon on one arm and a chimera on the other arm.

The Heroes continue their return journey, reaching Gillian’s Hill on the 30th and then finally returning to Daggerford on Tarsakh 1. They report in and then get some sleep, as they still have to report for regular guard duty the next day.

On Tarsakh 2, as the Heroes are on duty, an earthquake strikes the town of Daggerford, and the Heroes are reminded of something a hobgoblin captive said several months ago – that Daggerford would be shaken to its foundations.



I’ve really enjoyed reading your session reports over the past couple of days. I hope there are more to come! :)

Campaign Session Report #17

Thanks! There’s a couple more after this one that I didn’t get posted, but will be going up soon as we gear up to pick up the campaign after 6 month hiatus.

Campaign Session Report #17
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