Daggerford and the North

Campaign Session Report #18

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

Game session date: 29 March 2014

Campaign Date: 2 Tarsakh – 5 Tarsakh 1358 DR

As the heroes looked on in horror, the west wall surrounding Daggerford along with half of the north wall collapsed inward, burying people, horses, shops, and homes. The rest of the day is a blur of hard work as the heroes pitch in with everyone else to dig out the trapped, wounded, and killed. As the day wears on, people come in from out of town, reporting that the quake seemed to be centered east-northeast of town, putting it near the Laughing Hollow.

There are a few minor aftershocks during the night, but no further casualties, and before heading off for rest the heroes learned that everyone had been accounted for. There were thankfully only 3 deaths (all guards on duty on the wall when it fell) and only 15 were injured. It could have been so much worse.

The next day, Tarsakh 3, the heroes continued helping with clean up. With more time to occasionally pause for reflection and thought, the heroes determine that while earthquakes are not unheard of in the area, they are not very common. As the oldest among the heroes that are native to the area, Elena notes that she has not experienced an earthquake before this one at any time in her life.

Derval comes to Thorkil and asks the hero to accompany him on a perimeter check of the walls. The east wall is determined to be fine, with only minor cosmetic damage. The south wall is good near the east wall, but in bad shape near the west corner. Delfen Yellowknife’s tower is fine, and the part of the north wall still standing is in decent shape. As night falls, the heroes retire to their homes for rest.

On Tarsakh 4, the heroes help with the last of the clean up. A couple older buildings are determined to be in rough shape and may need to be torn down. One of the warehouses was completely leveled.

Word spreads through town that all livestock upstream from Daggerford are dying and that the river in that area has turned a bilious green. Thorkil goes to Sir Llewellyn and reminds him of the letter taken off a hobgoblin prisoner some months back, warning that Daggerford would be “shaken to its foundations.”

By evening, the river at Daggerford begins turning green. Llewellyn issues orders not to drink the river water, but a quick check shows that the cisterns in the city are safe. The heroes assist in posting signs around time warning about the water.

One of the alchemists in town concludes that the water has been poisoned by an influx of heavy metals, namely iron, gold, and especially copper. As the heroes are consulting with the alchemist, a guard arrives looking for Elena. An elf is by the River Gate looking for the Heroes of Daggerford. He is described as being tall, with a noble bearing, and he refuses to speak to anyone but the Heroes of Daggerford.

The Heroes make their way to the River Gate and meet with the elf, who introduces himself as Deldroc Longarrow, sent by King Melandrach. Deldroc informs the Heroes that there has been much damage in Laughing Hollow and that a rock slide caused by the quake opened a crack in the hill, and a stream of poisonous water issued forth, flowing into the river. The King of the Wood Elves formally requests the assistance of the Heroes of Daggerford.

The Heroes make haste to Duke Pwyll to inform him of the situation, and the Duke grants them leave to follow Deldroc and help the elves, with his advisers giving the heroes six vials of holy water (just in case) and a stone with continual light cast on it. The Heroes quickly gather their gear and as they are heading out the gate, Derval jogs up to them and hands them each an amulet in the shape of a hammer – telling them that are tokens of his friendship.

The Heroes depart, with Deldroc opting to ride with Elena. As they ride, Elena learns that Deldroc is actually the king’s son. Deldroc also informs them that the rock slide also uncovered a long buried entrance into the side of the hill – possibly an entrance into the dwarven kingdom of Illefarn.

The Heroes ride hard and make a rough camp for the night.

The next day, 5 Tarsakh, the Heroes ride on and reach the elven camp. King Melandrach is there and greets the Heroes as friends. he points out the crack and the entrance in the side of the hill, and Thorkil is confidant it leads into Illefarn. After quick discussion, the Heroes head in.

Almost immediately after entering, the Heroes are attacked by a group of 5 orcs. They refer to Thorkil as “one of those damn, dirty dwarves!” More orcs are encountered afterwards, and then the Heroes enter a large room where the water seems to be coming from. They are attacked by gargoyles – probably ancient guardians of the place, and after dispatching them, the Heroes manage to get the flow of poison water stopped and a stream of pure, clean water flowing. While trying to stop the flow of the poison water, Thorkil found a Helm of Underwater Action and Gloves of Climbing & Swimming.

Having taken an orc prisoner earlier, the Heroes now take the time to question the captive, learning that an orc named “Wartsnake” is in charge of the orcs. The captive also tells them that the orcs were once allied with a group of necromancers, but split away. Now there is a three way battle for control of the ancient dwarven hold – dwarves vs. orcs vs. necromancers. Apparently, the orcs also have trolls and ogres with them, as well. The orc says that there are about 40 orcs, 80 goblins, 2 trolls and 4 ogres making up the Orc Faction in the Illefarn halls. He tells them that the dwarves are concentrated on the next level up, and the necromancers, led by a man named Kelthas the Dread, are elsewhere in the complex. The orc says that it was Kelthas, using a powerful spell, that caused the earthquake, and that the orcs have determined that the crack in the walls and spillage of poison water was an unintended effect.

The Heroes retreat from Illefarn to the elven camp, turning the orc prisoner over to the elves. They camp with the elves for the night, intending to return to Illefarn the next morning.



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