Daggerford and the North

Campaign Session Report #19

The Dwarf Who Would Be King

Game session date: 5 April 2014

Campaign Date: 6 Tarsakh – 10 Tarsakh 1358 DR

On 6 Tarsakh, the Heroes return into Illefarn. Progressing upwards, trying to find the dwarves of Illefarn, they enter a room where a stone golem in the form of a dwarven warrior animates and plods forward. By sheer luck, Thorkil speaks the proper word – “peace” in Dwarven – and the golem returns to its guard post. Beyond the golem, in a secret area that shows no signs of having been disturbed in many, many decades, the Thorkil finds the Crown of Illefarn and other royal treasures.

Soon after finding the royal items, the Heroes finally encounter the dwarves and are taken to meet with Korin Ironaxe – who turns out to be Dervil Ironeater’s brother. Korin explains the situation to the Heroes and tells them that Dervil is the rightful heir to claim the crown, and that some of the dwarves are getting to the point that only Dervil reclaiming the crown could prod them on to take down the orcs and necromancers and retake the hall for themselves.

The Heroes decide to ride for Daggerford and do their best to talk Dervil into returning with them. They leave Illefarn, tell the elves only the most basic information at the moment, then ride towards Daggerford, camping about halfway to town.

The next morning, Tarsakh 7, the Heroes finally return to Daggerford. They first go to the Duke, making a full report to him, his advisers, and Sherlyn Spearslayer. The Duke recognizes how a returned Illefarn and renewed relations with the elves of the Misty Forest could result in a return of the ancient alliance of humans, elves, and dwarves. The Duke entreats the Heroes to do their best to convince Dervil to return with them and claim his rightful place.

Meeting with Dervil, the Heroes tell him everything, including finding the crown and other treasures. Finally, Dervil seems to believe that fate is not conspiring against him and his people and he agrees to return to Illefarn with the Heroes, but doesn’t promise he will accept the crown.

On the morning of Tarsakh 8, the Heroes find that word has already spread throughout town of “King Dervil”. They head to Dervil’s smithy and find the dwarf awaiting them, as promised. They depart Illefarn and ride all day, with no incidents, camping on the western edge of the Laughing Hollow.

The next day, Tarsakh 9, the Heroes and Dervil return to Illefarn. Deldroc informs the Heroes that he and his warriors took out a number of orcs near the old quarry worker’s entrance, but have seen no other activity. The Heroes then escort Dervil in to meet with his brother, Korin.

A war council is called, with the Heroes, Dervil, Korin, and a few other dwarves. Dervil says that he will accept the crown, but only if Illefarn can first be cleared. This perks up the other dwarves, who want a king, and a plan is made. One contingent of the dwarves will go after the orcs, while another, smaller group will accompany the Heroes after the Necromancers – and it has been learned that the bandit Jocko the Wily, who the Heroes have been chasing for months, is here with the Necromancers.

The Heroes and dwarves fight their way through waves of bandits and skeletons, pushing deeper and deeper into the necromancer’s stronghold. On the uppermost level of Illefarn, the Heroes find a room with a collapsed ceiling that opens to the sky, and a ladder offering entrance into the room from outside. Thorkil knocks the ladder over and chops it up to prevent anyone outside from getting in easily.

Very shortly afterwards, the Heroes finally encounter Kelthas the Dread. He throws more skeletons and apprentices at the Heroes, and when it looks like the Heroes have the advantage, Kelthas throws a fireball at them, wounding many of them badly (Lyssa is wounded so badly she retreats into the room with the collapsed ceiling) and killing a couple of the dwarves. Shortly afterwards, Kelthas, in a bid to escape, teleports into the room with the collapsed ceiling, then screams in rage to find his ladder destroyed.

Lyssa cries for help, and the others come running, and finally take down Kelthas the Dread. Soon after, they learn that the other contingent was successful in taking out the orc contingent. That night there is a celebration, and Dervil finally accepts the crown, being proclaimed King Dervil I by the ranking priest of Moradin with the dwarves. The Heroes are proclaimed to be both Heroes of Illefarn as well as Dwarf-friend.



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