Daggerford and the North

Campaign Session Report #20

A Mission for the Blackstaff

Game session date: 12 April 2014

Campaign Date: 11 Tarsakh – 21 Tarsakh 1358 DR

On the morning of 11 Tarsakh, the Heroes set out from Illefarn to escort King Dervil to Daggerford. He needs to settle his affairs there, arrange to move his family to Illefarn, and speak with Duke Pwyll. They ride most of the day, with nothing eventful happening, and camp about halfway between Illefarn and Daggerford.

Early on Tarsakh 12, the Heroes return to Daggerford, finding that neighboring cities and towns have sent supplies and/or workers to help Daggerford begin rebuilding the wall. They report in to the Duke and present King Dervil I to him. Duke Pwyll thanks the Heroes for their service once again, then takes his leave to meet privately with Dervil. The Heroes have dinner at the Lady Luck tavern and tell their latest story to all who are interested (which is pretty much everyone).

Over the next couple of days, the Heroes relax, take care of some personal affairs, and heal up. Finally on 15 Tarsakh, they meet with Dervil again and he informs them that his second son will be staying in Daggerford, both to continue running the smithy and to act as Dervil’s official ambassador to the town of Daggerford. The rest of the family will be going to Illefarn with Dervil.

Dervil also tells them that the old boundaries for the elves, dwarves, and Daggerford have been reestablished, and he again thanks the Heroes for all they did. He offers Thorkil the position of Court Wizard in Illefarn, but Thorkil politely declines, indicating he still has personal quests to conclude.

That evening over dinner, the Heroes decide to head to Waterdeep for a time. They spend that night and all of the next day preparing for the trip and putting affairs in order. Finally on the morning of 17 Tarsakh the Heroes depart Daggerford and ride north. They reach Sir Elorfindar’s estate that evening, and the elf lord takes in his great-granddaughter and her friends for the evening, and he gives the Heroes a few books he think they might find useful.

On 18 Tarsakh, the Heroes continue north, reaching the Roosting Griffon Inn. The night passes without incident, and the next morning the continue riding north. By evening, the Heroes reach Zundbridge and find their old acquaintance Zandor Kain there.

On the morning of 20 Tarsakh, the Heroes continue riding north, accompanied by Zandor. They arrive in Waterdeep in early afternoon and make their way to Balthor’s Rare and Wondrous Treasures, where they pawn off a small gold statue from Illefarn they were allowed to keep as part of their share. Next, they visited the Mage’s Guild and sold a few magical items from their share of Illefarn loot which they did not need. Finally, the Heroes stop by Riatar’s Weaponry to sell a few weapons they do not need.

The next morning, Tarsakh 21, the Heroes head downstairs at the Pampered Traveler for breakfast. As they are eating, Zandor comes in with a proposal for them from the Blackstaff. The Blackstaff wants the Heroes to take a letter and a promissory note to a mysterious arms dealer named Albion Armitage. The Heroes agree to take on the mission and will leave the next morning.

He also informs them he is a Harper and recruits them into that organization. They then ask Zandor if he knows who to talk to about buying property in Waterdeep. Zandor suggests they talk with Mirt the Moneylender. They then go to Mirt and find he knows of a small manor house in the North Ward that is for sell, and he arranges for the Heroes to purchase it. The Heroes each chip in to provide the funds for the purchase.



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