Daggerford and the North

Campaign Session Report #21

Albion Armitage's Astounding Arsenal

Game session date: 26 April 2014

Campaign Date: 22 Tarsakh – 3 Mirtul 1358 DR

On the morning of 22 Tarsakh, the Heroes set out from Waterdeep, on their mission for the Blackstaff to purchase items on behalf of the City of Waterdeep from a mysterious merchant named Albion Armitage. They will be following a magical map that will lead them to the merchant little-by-little – not showing the full route all at once. They are warned that somehow word has already leaked to Zhentarim agents and they will most likely be tracked and possibly attacked.

Almost immediately, the Heroes notice a shadowy figure following them. The map shows that they need to head south towards Daggerford, but they decide to head north, with intentions of turning east and then back south once out of site of the city. Using pass without trace to disguise the numbers of their horses, the Heroes ride.

As they approach Zundbridge near sunset, they see large figures standing on the bridge – minotaurs. A quick but vicious fight ensues and the Heroes find a parchment on the leader of the minotaurs – orders to await the Heroes at Zundbridge. The letter is signed with an “S”, and a gold trade bar in the same pouch is stamped with the “Z” of Zhentil Keep. The Heroes camp at Zundbridge with no further incidents.

On 23 Tarsakh, the Heroes continue riding south. Along the road they find a riderless horse, and then shortly after a fat merchant walking up the road. They return the horse to the man and ride on, arriving at the Roosting Griffon that evening. The night passes uneventfully.

The next day, the Heroes continue south, checking the magical map frequently to make sure they are on the right track. The day is uneventful outside of riding through a herd of aurochs, and the Heroes camp at one of the established campsites.

On Tarsakh 25, the Heroes continue south, and an uneventful ride sees them into Daggerford. They briefly check in with friends, family, and the Duke, but report nothing of their actual mission (assuming that those who are in the know probably already know what they are doing).

On the morning of 26 Tarsakh, the Heroes leave Daggerford and continue south. About halfway to Liam’s Hold, they are ambushed by mercenaries from the Black Griffons. After a bitter fought battle, the Heroes take down the mercs, and capture a couple of them. The captured mercs indicate they were hired by a “scary woman”. They don’t know the woman’s name. The Heroes continue on to Liam’s Hold and drop off the prisoners there, then move on south and camp.

The next day is an uneventful ride and camp, and on 28 Tarsakh, the Heroes arrive in Bowshot. There, they manage to get a description from locals of a “scary woman”. They stay in Bowshot overnight and push on to the Way Inn the next day, where everyone revels in a hot bath at the inn.

The next morning, the magical map indicates the party needs to travel east into the forest, following what looks like the same path they took weeks ago when on the trail of the bandits. The day in uneventful and the Heroes camp. That night, they are attacked in camp by a powerful and deadly assassin, who nearly kills Lyssa. After dispatching the assassin, they find a note on him that reads, “Your 3 failed. Now you go after them yourself.” It is signed by someone named Matil Vellamo.

The next few days are uneventful as the Heroes follow the map and it takes them out near the center of the High Moor. Finally, on 3 Mirtul, the Heroes are lead to Albion Armitage’s Astounding Arsenal. There, they meet the mysterious merchant and present him with the letter and promissory note from Waterdeep. The Heroes then shop around for some of their own stuff and purchase it. Albion informs them where and when the City’s items will be delivered (the courtyard of the Piergeron’s Palace in a fortnight) and then they head out.

Seven days pass uneventfully as the Heroes ride north and west, finally arriving in Daggerford on 10 Mirtul.



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