Daggerford and the North

Campaign Session Report #3

Chasing Bandits

Game session date: 9 November 2013

Campaign Date: 24 Flamerule – 28 Flamerule 1357 DR

After Elena returned to Bowshot, she took Jeph to a cleric for healing then reported to Lord Bogdan. His Lordship then sent a small contingent of guards and a few wagons back with Elena to the bandit cave to load up the recovered goods. Everyone arrived back in Bowshot eventually and were reunited with a healed Jeph. Lord Bogdan paid the party for bounties on the bandits they did manage to kill or capture, and asked them to go after Sender Three-fingers at first light.

The next day, after arranging to have a local Bowshot merchant heading to Daggerford take along their wagon and the unmarked recovered trade goods, the four set out after Sender, initially returning to the cave and picking up the trail. They followed the trail north along the edge of the Misty Forest, but found it crossed a wide trail left by a herd of wild aurochs. Elena discovered the bandits crossed the cattle trail, but then looped back and followed the cattle northeast.

A few hours later they came across an aurochs killed and butchered within the last several hours, but as they examined the carcass they were attacked by three axebeaks, drawn in by the scent of blood. The carnivorous and flightless birds were brutal in their attack, but the party killed two and the third fled.

The four continued on the trail of the bandits and eventually found where they left the cattle trail and turned northwest, then looped west. Following still, they came to a low rise that offered an extensive view north and south of the High Road, about 5 miles away. They could see a small group of wagons heading north along the road and a caravan headed south. Near the road, they saw the three bandits, making a bee-line for the three carts.

Spurring their horses, the four rode towards the road, with Thorkil and Jeph getting their first. They lost sight of the bandits, but rode down the three wagons to find it was the Bowshot merchant hauling their own stuff. He told them that three hunters asked him for water, then headed west towards the sea.

When Elena and Lyssa caught up with them, Thorkil explained the situation and the four decided to camp at the nearby campsite before continuing in pursuit of the bandits the next day. Not long after setting up camp, the caravan they had seen traveling south arrived and asked to share the campsite.The caravan was bound from Waterdeep to Scornubel, and the four companions joined the caravan master for dinner in his tent. Eventually Thorkil retired to study his spellbook and Jeph begged off to rest, but Elena and Lyssa spent a very enjoyable night with the caravan master in his tent.

The next morning, they picked up the trail of the bandits. The trail continued west a brief ways before it turned south and it became clear they were headed for the Trollbark Forest – where Elena’s father had said there were rumors of a bandit camp. But, before they got there the four finally caught up with Sender and the other two and overcame them, killing Sender and one other and capturing one.

They returned to Bowshot where Lord Bogdan gave them a payment for bounties on Sender’s two cronies, and took the captured one into custody, but told them they would have to claim Sender’s bounty from Duke Pwyll himself. The next day they set out to return to Daggerford.

Not having a wagon along with them, what took three days to ride down only took two to ride back north.

They returned to Daggerford in the evening of the second day and reported in to Commander Sherlen Spearslayer, to Elena’s father, and to Thorkil’s superiors at the scribe’s guild. Elena’s father took possession of Sender’s remains and told them he would bring the attention to the Duke, and for them to expect a summons from the Duke within the next day or three, depending on how busy he was.

They spent the next couple of days resting and relaxing, and selling off the unmarked (and therefore untraceable) goods recovered from Sender’s cave near Bowshot, then spending some of their new-found income on upgrades to arms, armor and equipment.



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