Daggerford and the North

Campaign Session Report #5

Guarding Coins

Game session date: 23 November 2013

Campaign Date: 14 Eleasias – 4 Eleint 1357 DR

On the morning of the Eleasias 14, the party set out in search of the two hobgoblins that got away. They tracked them towards the hilly forests to the west, and found the two along with two more arguing outside a cave. After a brief battle they dispatched the four hobgoblin bandits and searched them and the cave as well, finding a few hundred gold worth of stolen (but unmarked) foodstuffs. The telling thing was finding a few letters in the cave indicating the hobgoblins were part of an organization known as The Chill, and that a hobgoblin known as Gorik (which the conversation of the four hobgoblins overheard before the battle indicated was killed the night before) was in charge of northern operations. The letters were signed by Jocko.

The party left the cave and headed for the Roosting Griffon, selling the foodstuffs they recovered from the hobgoblins for 300 gp. They stayed the night at the inn and then returned home the next day.

On 15 Eleasias the foursome returned to Daggerford. They split up their loot and sold it, and Elena reported their findings to her father. Kratos begins working on a new sword. Thorkil works at the scribe’s guild.

The next few days were spent with each person working on personal business or personal goals, but on 21 Eleasias the squad reported for a new Tenday of official duty. They spent that day and the next on standard patrol throughout town, dealing with arguing merchants, drunk farmers, and petty thieves.

After dinner on the 22nd, the four were called into Sherlin’s office. The commander informs them that they are being given a special assignment starting the next day. They will ride north to Zundbridge and there meet up with an armored wagon bringing newly minted copper, silver, and electrum coins to Daggerford, and escort it on the rest of its journey.

The four leave on the morning of the 23rd and ride north, with the day passing uneventfully. They reach one of the established campsites and settle in for the night, with Elena going hunting and bringing back a good sized buck.

On the 24th the ride is again uneventful and they reach the Roosting Griffon Inn. There is still talk of bandits among the patrons, but there has been no new activity. Someone does mention spotting a fire-breathing dog nearby, and the four postulate that it might be a hellhound. After being there a few minutes, Elena’s great-grandfather Lord Elorfindar and great uncle Darfin Longwalker come in, along with several guards. Elorfindar is delighted to see his great-granddaughter and her friends and the two elves sit with the guards. Elorfindar had been on a business trip to Waterdeep and informs that the road for them was good between the Griffon and Zundbridge, but around the Rat Hills (south of Waterdeep) the dire rats were being stirred up by exterminators in the hills.

The night passes uneventfully, and the next morning the four continue north. They pass a farmer on a wagon, who informs them of seeing huge dog prints by his house the night before last. The four reach Zundbridge by early evening. Zundbridge is a Waterdhavian outpost of dwarven construction. Ages ago the human wizard Zund conceived the plans and hired dwarves to construct the bridge and watchtower. Thorkil relates the legend that Zund used magic to merge a stone golem with the bridge, which can, in times of great danger, come out of the bridge to defend the crossing.

They meet up with the wagon and it’s crew: Stoval Goldbeard (the driver and dwarf in charge) and two human guards named Goran and Landers. The Waterdhavian guards formally turn over the wagon to Thorkil and his guards and everyone retires for the evening, with the foursome setting up in the campsite across the road from the watchower.

On the morning of the 26th everyone was up early and on the road south. The day’s ride was uneventful and they reached the Griffon just before dark. A group of hunters in the common room reported seeing lizardman tracks on the road near the campsite to the south of the inn, determining there were at least four of them, possibly as many as nine.

The journey south continues on the 27th, with wagon falling victim to a trap in the road, and the lizardmen attack. After a rough fight, the foursome prevail and dispatch the lizardmen bandits, all of whom seem to be members of the Dragon Fang clan. In a disturbing revelation, a masterwork quality morning star carried by the leader of this raiding party had Derval ironeater’s maker’s mark. They also find 152 electrum coins on the lizardmen, all of which were minted recently in Baldur’s Gate.

The party finds a safe place to camp and then continues on in to Daggerford the next day, arriving in town in early evening and reporting to the Duke on what happened. The Duke keeps the morning star and the Baldurian coins as evidence.

The squad spends the next two days on routine patrol of town, with no significant incidents. In the evening of the 30th, they find out that Derval Ironeater, Oleg, and every other smith in town were called before the Duke. It turned out the morningstar had been made by Derval for an adventurer two months ago, and the dwarven smith had proof of the order, including detailed description of the what the weapon would look like. The Duke issues an official decree that there are to be no sales of anything – weapon or otherwise – to the Dragon Fang clan, but he does agree to allow the sale of metal spearheads and arrowheads to the Fox Clan.

The next day, with their official duties being over for a while, the four decide to head north in pursuit of the reported hell hound. The ride north to a campsite and camp, and Elena hunts and kills and red elk cow.

On Eleint 2nd, they ride on to the Griffon where they trade the remainder of the meat from the elk for rooms for the night. Farrel, the innkeeper, reports that the night before he saw red eyes staring at him through the back gate.

The next morning they set off in pursuit of the hell hound and find two sets of tracks, and follow them to the edge of the woods to the west. They encounter a pair of hell hounds and destroy them, and find their den under a huge old tree. In the den they find a few bodies and a handful of other items.

They ride back to Daggerford the next day, arriving in the evening and find out that the Duke wants to see them. When they report to the Duke he informs them that he is sending them on a special mission into the Lizard Marsh to find Red Eye – the leader of the Fox clan – and give him a message. They are given explicit orders to not hunt down or pursue Dragon Fang clan members, but to defend themselves as best they can if attacked by them.



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