Daggerford and the North

Campaign Session Report #6

Return to the Swamp

Game session date: 7 December 2013

Campaign Date: 5 Eleint – 21 Eleint 1357 DR

On the morning of the 5th of Eleint, the squad gathered for their mission into the Lizard Marsh. Commander Sherlen Spearslayer arrived and told them that Kaulbach had been recalled by her temple and that they would be joined by Noran Fole, a half-elf who wears a holy symbol of Tymora, but carried himself more like a rogue.

They saddled up and rode to Cromm’s Hold, meeting with Baroness Priann, who clearly had no love for any lizardfolk of any clan. She says about two weeks prior, Red Eye came in with a message and that was the last time she saw him.

Sir Frederic, one of Priann’s knights, tells them that he will send Seamus the hunter with them as a guide, as he knows the marsh better than most others do. The squad leaves their horses at Cromm’s Hold and goes on foot into the swamp.

Sometime later, they find a spot where a large column of lizardfolk came out of the swamp and crossed the path they are on, but there is no clue was to what clan they were of. A couple hours on and they meet up with a Fox clan scout who leads them to Red Eye’s village deep in the marsh.

Thorkil presents Red Eye with Duke Pwyll’s message and then the squad is invited to partake of some food while Red Eye reads the message and pens a reply. They notice that the rest of the members of the clan treat them warily, almost as if afraid of them.

A half-hour later or so and Red Eye exits his hut and gives Thorkil his reply to the duke. The squad bids Red Eye farewell and sets out to return to Cromm’s Hold, guided by both Seamus and by Longfang, one of Red Eye’s scouts. An hour later they are ambushed by members of the Dragon Fang clan, one of whom is a shaman with an amulet that summons a huge monitor lizard. The fight is brutal, but the squad prevails and collects several items from the dead lizardfolk.

They decide to send the weapons the Dragon Fang members had along with the amulet of lizard summoning back to Red Eye with Longfang. They take a couple other magic items the shaman had – a potion of barkskin and bracers of armor +1 – as well as a dagger with Oleg’s maker’s mark on it. Longfang bids them safe journey, and heads back into the swamp.

Now back in familiar territory to Seamus, he leads the squad the rest of the way out of the march and back to Cromm’s Hold, where they spend the night.

On Eleint 6, they head back to Daggerford and give the Duke the reply from Red Eye. The Duke thanks them and tells them that they have aided the town in formalizing an alliance with the Fox Clan. They have lunch at the Lady Luck, then split up to their various normal jobs. That evening, one of the Duke’s pages visits them each in turn and presents them a pouch of 50 ep.

The next several days pass with the heroes working at the forge, scribe’s guild, hunting, or tattoo parlor. They hear that Noran spends his days gambling at the Lady Luck, and apparently doing well enough to get by.

On 11 Eleint they return to active duty and spend the next tenday doing routine patrols in and around the town, with nothing out of the ordinary happening. They do hear word of hobgoblins still in the area, to the south of Daggerford mostly. Farmers tell of seeing them coming and going into the Lizard Marsh. They squad makes plans to do their own patrol along the southeastern edge of the swamp after they are off regular duty.



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