Daggerford and the North

Campaign Session Report #9

Heroes of Daggerford

Game session date: 28 December 2013

Campaign Date: 11 Marpenoth – 24 Marpenoth 1357 DR

On the 11th, the squad spent most of the day in mundane pursuits. Thorkil went to Derval and ordered chain barding for his new horse while Elena went to Oleg and ordered studded leather barding for her horse. Around noon, Elena received a package from her great-grandfather which contained a letter as well as a book – Of the Two Illefarns. That evening, after dinner at the Lady Luck, the squad was informed that they would be honored by Duke Pwyll around noon the next day at the palace and declared Heroes of Daggerford. The squad also discusses whether or not they should approach the Duke about going after the horde the lizardfolk are putting together.

The 12th of Marpenoth was the ceremony, where the squad stood before the Duke and the citizens of Daggerford and were declared Heroes of Daggerford.


After the ceremony, the Heroes told the Duke of their proposal to go after the lizardfolk’s horde. The Duke and his council seemed receptive to the idea, but the Duke declared he would need time to discuss the matter with his council before making a decision.

The rest of the day and much of the evening was spent at the Lady Luck, where the Heroes were treated to numerous free drinks.

On Marpenoth 13th, the Heroes met for lunch at the Lady Luck and Elena told Thorkil about the letter and book from her great-grandfather, and she loaned him the book now that she had finished studying it. After lunch they were summoned to the palace, where the Duke informed the Heroes that their plan had his blessing. Everything from the horde – no matter the size would be turned over to the Duke and after any magic items were identified by Gwydion pen Dafyd – the court wizard – and a value obtained for all coins, gems, and jewelry, one magic item would be claimed in the name of the Duke with all/any others going to the Heroes, and 50% of the value of all coins, gems, and jewelry would given to the Heroes. The Heroes would also be allowed to keep any mundane items found in the horde (excepting gems and jewelry).

Part of the plan would include asking Baroness Priann of Cromm’s Hold to send along some soldiers and also asking Redeye to send some of his lizard warriors. To aid in relations with Redeye, the Duke sent along metal-tipped arrows, metal spearheads, metal daggers, and metal hand axes as a gift for Redeye. (The Heroes would also carry a shipment of crossbow bolts and shortswords for the Baroness that were ready for delivery). Plans were made to leave the next morning.

On the morning of Marpenoth 14, the Heroes left Daggerford, riding for Cromm’s Hold, arriving there around noon. While Thorkil took care of the delivery of the weapons ordered by the Baroness, Elena went to speak with Priann. Priann is very much in favor of the plan and agree to send two soldiers along with the Heroes, plus sending Seamus the hunter as a guide. After business is taken care of and lunch is eaten, the Heroes rode on into the Lizard Marsh, arriving at Red Eye’s camp in the evening. Red Eye is thankful for the items sent by Duke Pwyll, and agrees to send along two of his warriors with the Heroes. They stay the night with the Fox Clan and set off the next morning for the old shipwreck.

On Marpenoth 15th, the Heroes head for the shipwreck – a ship brought inland decades ago by a tidal wave and now buried nearly to the deck in mud. They find it after a few hours and realize the Dragon Fang’s have a village surrounding it. Ssesskar, the Dragon Fang leader, is spotted on the deck of the ship and many guards are all around the village. Attempting to sneak close, the Heroes draw the attention of the guards and a battle ensues. As Kratos charged towards the deck of the ship and Ssesskar, there was a loud roar, and a giant, horned lizardman charged out of the largest hut and towards Kratos. A vicious battle ensued, but Thorkil – using magic and steel – dropped the huge warchief and then took down Ssesskar as well. A few Dragon Fang warriors escaped and almost all of the females and young fled the village, but essentially the power of the Dragon Fang’s was ended and the Heroes recovered the horde they had been putting together in an attempt to entice a dragon to the area – a horde that proved more extensive than they anticipated.

After securing the village and loading the horde onto the pack animals, the Heroes returned to Red Eye’s village, where a celebration ensued. Red Eye presents each of the Heroes with a small ruby-and-leather pendant, indicating they are in his favor and welcome friends of the Fox Clan.

During the evening, Thorkil is able to determine that much of the coins and jewelry of the horde came from the ancient sunken city of Tavaray, which once stood at the mouth of the Delimbyr River.

On Marpenoth 16, the Heroes are up early and headed back home. They arrive at Cromm’s Hold after a few hours and give Priann the news, and bring home Seamus and the surviving soldier. Priann dispatches a rider to take word of the Heroes’ success to Daggerford. After a break for lunch, the Heroes hit the road again, arriving in Daggerford that afternoon, where people line the streets in anticipation. The Heroes ride through the streets with the pack animals laden with treasure, with Thorkil carrying Ssesskar’s head on a spear. They proceed to the palace and turn the treasure over to Lord Llewellyn and Gwydion, then retire for the evening.

Most of Marpenoth 17th is spent resting and recovering after the expedition, and Thorkil begins to study the book loaned to him by Elena. The 18th is also spent primarily in mundane pursuits by everyone, with Kratos finally delving into serious work on his armor.

On the 19th, the Heroes receive a summons to come to the palace the next day.

Marpenoth 20, the Heroes go to the palace and meet with the Duke, Gwydion, Llewellyn, and Kelson. Gwydion claimed Ssesskar’s Elemental Magic Rod (lesser, acid) in the name of the Duke, but all other magic items – including several potions, an ioun stone, and a handy haversack – were given back to the Heroes. A careful accounting of the value of the coins and gems had been taken and the Heroes were rewarded with half of the value – 3,574 gold pieces.

After selling splitting up their reward and selling some items to Derval, the Heroes found themselves with quite a bit of coin. Over dinner, it was decided that they would take a trip to Waterdeep, stopping at Elorfindar’s estate along the way. Kratos announced he would not go with the others, as he needed to stay and work on his armor.

The next day, Marpenoth 21st, Thorkil, Elena, Lyssa, and Noran left Daggerford, riding north for Elorfindar’s estate, arriving there in the late afternoon. They visited with the old elf, delivering to him packages from Elena’s father and from the Duke, and talking about dwarven Illefarn. Elorfindar suggests to them that in Waterdeep they stay at the Pampered Traveller Inn.

On Marpenoth 22, they leave Elorfindar’s estate and ride on north, arriving at the Roosting Griffon in the evening. They visit with Farl and find that nothing overly exciting has been happening lately in the area. They stay the night at the Griffon.

Riding on north on Marpenoth 23, the Heroes arrive at Zundbridge in early evening and stay with the Waterdhavian soldiers at the watchtower, again with no new news of any significance.

On Marpenoth 24, the Heroes continue north, passing the Rat Hills and spooking a few dire rats, then finally arriving at the South Gate of Waterdeep in later afternoon. A guard gives them directions and they arrive at and get checked into the Pampered Traveler, renting two 2-room suites for a tenday.



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