Daggerford and the North

Campaign Session Report #2
Enter Jocko

Game session date: 2 November 2013

Campaign Date: 21 Flamerule – 24 Flamerule 1357 DR

On the 21st of Flamerule, Thorkil spent much of the day making fliers advertising his services as an adventuring wizard and then distributing them throughout town. While he is doing that, Elena went around to a few shops with some leather she had tanned or turned into rawhide, trying to sell them.

Elena finds out from Tobin, at Tobin’s General Store, that a caravan from the south brought word last night of the bandit Sender Three-fingers having struck again to the south near Bowshot. Elena recalls that there is a 300 gp bounty on Sender’s head.

While later visiting with Derval Ironeater, Elena learns that the bandit Jocko the Sly is also active again, and that some believe Jocko has a spy or mole in Daggerford, and that Sender even works for Jocko. There is a 500 gp bounty on Jocko’s head.

After learning all this, Elena seeks out Thorkil, finding him just coming out of the Lady Luck Tavern. After a brief discussion, they decide to find their other two friends – Lyssa and Content Not Found: jeph-brewerson – and convince them that all four should go after Sender and/or Jocko. An hour later all four meet back at the tavern to discuss their plan, and decide to purchase a wagon and some trade goods and pose as merchants, head south and try to lure the bandits out or at least learn more about them. By the time their planning and purchasing is done, the sun is setting so they head off to sleep and plan to head out the next morning.

Shortly after sunrise on the 22nd, the four head out, with Jeph and Elena riding horses and Lyssa and Thorkil on the wagon. Around noon they arrive in the hamlet of Gillian’s Hill and stop at The Tavern, where the owner, Jesup, recognizes Elena and strikes up a conversation with her. Most of his news is stuff they have already heard, but he does tell them that goblins have recently been seen just outside the Misty Forest. After lunch, they continue south.

Between Gillian’s Hill and Liam’s Hold Elena encounters a party of hunters tracking wild boar, and they tell her that they saw a mixed party of orcs and goblins the night before near the Misty Forest. A few hours later the four of them reach the hamlet of Liam’s Hold and procure rooms at the Holdfast Inn.

The inn is quite busy as there is a caravan camped outside town and several travelers passing through. Thorkil speaks at length with the caravan master of the caravan – headed from Baldur’s Gate to Waterdeep – but ultimately learns nothing new of the rumors they are following. Elena tries talking with a group of adventurers but they are reluctant to give up much information about themselves, though they do confess to possibly stirring up the orcs and goblins. Jeph gets into a dicing game with some ruffians, and Elena joins in for a while as well. Lyssa disappears and is later seen in the company of a couple of human mercenaries or adventurers. Thorkil heads to his room to scribe a scroll and Elena overhears Jeph and one of the ruffians in an argument. She goes to see if Jeph needs help and finds that Jeph was using his skills to turn the tables on the four cheaters, and won most of their gold. Not wanting to take on skilled adventurers, the ruffians grab their gear and leave.

The next morning, the 23rd of Flamerule, Lyssa does not show up for breakfast, and Elena and Thorkil spot the men she was with the night before. The men inform Elena that Lyssa is still asleep in their room. Elena manages to roust Lyssa from bed and get her to the breakfast table and on the road not much later than was originally planned.

The day is mostly uneventful, with some random travelers on the road, and the four of them arrive at one of several designated campsites along the road and stop for the night. During Elena’s watch, she hears an odd sound nearby and goes to investigate. She finds a small pile of orc and goblin bodies – freshly slain and with arrows bearing the fletching of the local wood elves riddling their bodies. She loots the bodies and returns to camp.

The next day, the 24th of Flamerule, the party continues on to Bowshot. This day is Lyssa’s birthday, and she laments not being back in Daggerford to celebrate properly. Not far from Bowshot, Elena – scouting ahead as usual – finds bandits crawling over a cart, with a dead body on the road. She sneaks back to her companions but by the time they get back to the cart, the bandits are fleeing into the distance with anything they can easily carry. They take the cart and body and head on to Bowshot, where they present themselves to Lord Bogdan – a landed knight owing fealty to Duke Pwyll of Daggerford – and he asks the four companions to go after the bandits.

Returning to the spot where the bandits attacked the cart, Elena picks up the trail of the bandits and follows them into the Misty Forest and to a cave in a hill. There is a brief battle and five bandits are killed, but three of them – including Sender – escape. During his escape, Sender throws a red gem at the party, which shatters and unleashes a fire elemental. Luckily, Thorkil had prepared a spell that created rain showers and used it effectively against the elemental, and the party prevailed, though Jeph was burned badly.

Elena took Jeph back to town for healing and to report to Lord Bogdan, while Thorkil and Lyssa examined the cave. They found several thousand gold pieces worth of stolen trade goods, most of it still in crates, barrels, or bales bearing the brands or seals of various trading outfits. Some, though, was not marked and ownership would be impossible to determine. Thorkil also found a chest with several letters from Jocko the Sly, confirming that Sender did work for Jocko. One of the letters also indicated that the bandits may have a new ally – a lizardman named Ssesskar.


Campaign Session Report #1
Into the Lizard Marsh

Game session date: 26 October 2013

Campaign Date: 1 Flamerule – 20 Flamerule 1357 DR

On the first day of Flamerule 1357, Elena Darktreader, Thorkil Darktreader, Jeph Brewerson, and Lyssa Tumblebottom began another tenday of guard duty in the town of Daggerford. The foursome had been working as a squad for about four months to this point, with nothing more significant happening on any given day of their duty rotation than drunken sailors, arguing merchants, and petty thieves.

As with their first four months of guard duty, the first few days of their latest rotation were relatively uneventful. However, on day five of their latest duty rotation the foursome were practicing in the parade ground when Elena heard one of the guards in the tower over the main gate call that a rider was approaching, followed by an announcement that the rider was down.

The foursome responded quickly and found a sweat-lathered horse limping along the rode while its rider lay exhausted in the grass by the rode. They quickly ascertained that the rider wore the livery of Baron Cromm, whose keep – Cromm’s Hold – was about 15 miles to the west, along the edge of the Lizard Marsh.

Their commander, Sherlen Spearslayer, quickly began putting together a force to go to Baron Cromm’s aid, but ordered Elena, Thorkil, Jeph, and Lyssa to mount up and ride ahead as advance scouts. Heading to the stables, the foursome procured mounts and headed out.

Riding quickly, but at a rate that did not overly tax their horses, the four arrived at Cromm’s Hold after a couple hours. The sight that greets them is disheartening – smoke rises from the keep and as they draw close, a stone wall collapses after the wooden supports burn to ash. They see dead lizardmen scattered about, some still clutching bits of loot from the keep. They also notice that all of the dead lizardmen are wearing blue feather baldrics or belts. The situation prompts the four to wonder what has the lizardfolk stirred up, as it has been many years since they last raided a settlement.

Inside the burning keep, the four see several servants milling about, tending to the wounded. They are suddenly approached by a woman in a once-fine dress, her face covered in tear-streaked ash. She is the baron’s wife Priann, and she pleads with them to go after her husband and bring him back.

After Baroness Priann collapses in tears and exhaustion, her handmaiden informs the Daggerford guardsmen that the baron and several knights had been out hunting when the lizardfolk attacked. When the baron returned, the lizardfolk were already fleeing and he slew many of them. After discovering that his 15-year-old son had been killed in the attack, the baron gathered his six remaining knights or retainers that were in good shape and headed into the marsh on a mission of vengeance.

After informing Baroness Priann that a larger force was on its way from Daggerford, the four then turned their mounts and headed for the Lizard Marsh, in pursuit of Baron Cromm. After about a half hour in the swamp, they came across a battle scene – the baron and his men had engaged three megaraptors, with the men killing one raptor, but ultimately the baron and his men all perished. They do find the baron’s body and recover his signet ring.

Continuing to trail the escaping lizardfolk – who had apparently come back and looted the baron and his men after the fight with the raptors – the four wander into the middle of a giant centipede nest and have a brief battle with the insects, with three of the four guards becoming poisoned.

They wander on after the fight and encounter several lizardfolk, all wearing baldrics made of reddish-brown fox pelts – the Fox Clan. Their leader, Redeye, informs the four guards that they are looking for members of the Blue Feather Clan. Redeye also tells them that the clan leader of the Dragon Fang tribe – Ssesskar – has stirred up several other clans and is trying to unite them against the “warm bloods”. Redeye asks them to make sure to tell Duke Pwyll that the Fox Clan had nothing to do with any of this, and he then casts a couple spells to remove the poison from Elena and Thorkil.

The four continue down the trail, after Redeye told them that several Blue Feather clan members traveled that way less than an hour ago. Elena notes that she remembers that the lizardfolk haven’t attacked a settlement since her great-grandfather, Lord Elorfindar Floshin, was still active.

About a half hour later, they come upon five lizardmen on a small hillock, resting and examining loot taken from both Cromm’s Hold and from the baron and his men after they were killed by the raptors. The lizardmen are so intent on their loot that they don’t notice the approaching guards. The fight is quick and decisive, and the lizardmen are dispatched and the loot stolen from Cromm’s Hold recovered. Thorkil also takes a magical amulet the leader of the group was wearing.

The guards make haste to retreat from the swamp, and aided by a couple friendly members of the Fox Clan, they find their way out easily. Returning to the ruins of Cromm’s Hold they find Commander Sherlen Spearslayer and Elena’s father, Kelson Darktreader, have arrived with a dozen other guards. They turn over the recovered loot and the baron’s signet ring, and report on the general location of the baron’s body. They also report on the information gained from Redeye.

Sherlen speaks with Baroness Priann and then announces she is leaving eight guards to aid the baroness over the next few days. All others – including Elena, Thorkil, Jeph, and Lyssa – return to the Daggerford.

The next day, Sherlen calls the four into her office and commends them for their actions and also presents them with a reward of 100 gp each from Baroness Priann. They are allowed a day of light duty (training in the parade ground) and that evening as they go for dinner at the Lady Luck Tavern they are all greeted with applause and given a free drink by tavern owner Darryl Orcslaryer. The day after they return to normal daily duty, and the rest of their tenday passes uneventfully.

On Flamerule 11, Elena decides to ride north to her great-grandfather’s estate and talk with him about the lizardfolk. Elorfindar tells Elena that the last time the lizardfolk acted in this manner was just over 200 years ago, and that her grandfather (his son) led the force that took down the Dragon Fang clan – which had been led by a lizardman sorcerer or wizard named Ssesskar. This prompts both to speculate on whether or not the current Ssesskar is the same individual.

Back in Daggerford, Thorkil returns to his daily routine of working in the scribe’s guild and studying under the wizard Delfen Yellowknife. He does do some research into something of personal interest and finds some details and other leads.

Jeph returns to his duties at the temple of Tymora and Lyssa returns to work at Derf’s Skin Art.

When Elena returns to Daggerford on Flamerule 12, she meets first with her father, then the commander of the guard, and finally with each of her friends and informs them of what she learned from her great-grandfather. That night she went out for drinks with Lyssa.

The rest of the week is spent by each of the four in their normal jobs, and passes uneventfully.



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