Daggerford and the North

Campaign Session Report #21
Albion Armitage's Astounding Arsenal

Game session date: 26 April 2014

Campaign Date: 22 Tarsakh – 3 Mirtul 1358 DR

On the morning of 22 Tarsakh, the Heroes set out from Waterdeep, on their mission for the Blackstaff to purchase items on behalf of the City of Waterdeep from a mysterious merchant named Albion Armitage. They will be following a magical map that will lead them to the merchant little-by-little – not showing the full route all at once. They are warned that somehow word has already leaked to Zhentarim agents and they will most likely be tracked and possibly attacked.

Almost immediately, the Heroes notice a shadowy figure following them. The map shows that they need to head south towards Daggerford, but they decide to head north, with intentions of turning east and then back south once out of site of the city. Using pass without trace to disguise the numbers of their horses, the Heroes ride.

As they approach Zundbridge near sunset, they see large figures standing on the bridge – minotaurs. A quick but vicious fight ensues and the Heroes find a parchment on the leader of the minotaurs – orders to await the Heroes at Zundbridge. The letter is signed with an “S”, and a gold trade bar in the same pouch is stamped with the “Z” of Zhentil Keep. The Heroes camp at Zundbridge with no further incidents.

On 23 Tarsakh, the Heroes continue riding south. Along the road they find a riderless horse, and then shortly after a fat merchant walking up the road. They return the horse to the man and ride on, arriving at the Roosting Griffon that evening. The night passes uneventfully.

The next day, the Heroes continue south, checking the magical map frequently to make sure they are on the right track. The day is uneventful outside of riding through a herd of aurochs, and the Heroes camp at one of the established campsites.

On Tarsakh 25, the Heroes continue south, and an uneventful ride sees them into Daggerford. They briefly check in with friends, family, and the Duke, but report nothing of their actual mission (assuming that those who are in the know probably already know what they are doing).

On the morning of 26 Tarsakh, the Heroes leave Daggerford and continue south. About halfway to Liam’s Hold, they are ambushed by mercenaries from the Black Griffons. After a bitter fought battle, the Heroes take down the mercs, and capture a couple of them. The captured mercs indicate they were hired by a “scary woman”. They don’t know the woman’s name. The Heroes continue on to Liam’s Hold and drop off the prisoners there, then move on south and camp.

The next day is an uneventful ride and camp, and on 28 Tarsakh, the Heroes arrive in Bowshot. There, they manage to get a description from locals of a “scary woman”. They stay in Bowshot overnight and push on to the Way Inn the next day, where everyone revels in a hot bath at the inn.

The next morning, the magical map indicates the party needs to travel east into the forest, following what looks like the same path they took weeks ago when on the trail of the bandits. The day in uneventful and the Heroes camp. That night, they are attacked in camp by a powerful and deadly assassin, who nearly kills Lyssa. After dispatching the assassin, they find a note on him that reads, “Your 3 failed. Now you go after them yourself.” It is signed by someone named Matil Vellamo.

The next few days are uneventful as the Heroes follow the map and it takes them out near the center of the High Moor. Finally, on 3 Mirtul, the Heroes are lead to Albion Armitage’s Astounding Arsenal. There, they meet the mysterious merchant and present him with the letter and promissory note from Waterdeep. The Heroes then shop around for some of their own stuff and purchase it. Albion informs them where and when the City’s items will be delivered (the courtyard of the Piergeron’s Palace in a fortnight) and then they head out.

Seven days pass uneventfully as the Heroes ride north and west, finally arriving in Daggerford on 10 Mirtul.


Campaign Session Report #20
A Mission for the Blackstaff

Game session date: 12 April 2014

Campaign Date: 11 Tarsakh – 21 Tarsakh 1358 DR

On the morning of 11 Tarsakh, the Heroes set out from Illefarn to escort King Dervil to Daggerford. He needs to settle his affairs there, arrange to move his family to Illefarn, and speak with Duke Pwyll. They ride most of the day, with nothing eventful happening, and camp about halfway between Illefarn and Daggerford.

Early on Tarsakh 12, the Heroes return to Daggerford, finding that neighboring cities and towns have sent supplies and/or workers to help Daggerford begin rebuilding the wall. They report in to the Duke and present King Dervil I to him. Duke Pwyll thanks the Heroes for their service once again, then takes his leave to meet privately with Dervil. The Heroes have dinner at the Lady Luck tavern and tell their latest story to all who are interested (which is pretty much everyone).

Over the next couple of days, the Heroes relax, take care of some personal affairs, and heal up. Finally on 15 Tarsakh, they meet with Dervil again and he informs them that his second son will be staying in Daggerford, both to continue running the smithy and to act as Dervil’s official ambassador to the town of Daggerford. The rest of the family will be going to Illefarn with Dervil.

Dervil also tells them that the old boundaries for the elves, dwarves, and Daggerford have been reestablished, and he again thanks the Heroes for all they did. He offers Thorkil the position of Court Wizard in Illefarn, but Thorkil politely declines, indicating he still has personal quests to conclude.

That evening over dinner, the Heroes decide to head to Waterdeep for a time. They spend that night and all of the next day preparing for the trip and putting affairs in order. Finally on the morning of 17 Tarsakh the Heroes depart Daggerford and ride north. They reach Sir Elorfindar’s estate that evening, and the elf lord takes in his great-granddaughter and her friends for the evening, and he gives the Heroes a few books he think they might find useful.

On 18 Tarsakh, the Heroes continue north, reaching the Roosting Griffon Inn. The night passes without incident, and the next morning the continue riding north. By evening, the Heroes reach Zundbridge and find their old acquaintance Zandor Kain there.

On the morning of 20 Tarsakh, the Heroes continue riding north, accompanied by Zandor. They arrive in Waterdeep in early afternoon and make their way to Balthor’s Rare and Wondrous Treasures, where they pawn off a small gold statue from Illefarn they were allowed to keep as part of their share. Next, they visited the Mage’s Guild and sold a few magical items from their share of Illefarn loot which they did not need. Finally, the Heroes stop by Riatar’s Weaponry to sell a few weapons they do not need.

The next morning, Tarsakh 21, the Heroes head downstairs at the Pampered Traveler for breakfast. As they are eating, Zandor comes in with a proposal for them from the Blackstaff. The Blackstaff wants the Heroes to take a letter and a promissory note to a mysterious arms dealer named Albion Armitage. The Heroes agree to take on the mission and will leave the next morning.

He also informs them he is a Harper and recruits them into that organization. They then ask Zandor if he knows who to talk to about buying property in Waterdeep. Zandor suggests they talk with Mirt the Moneylender. They then go to Mirt and find he knows of a small manor house in the North Ward that is for sell, and he arranges for the Heroes to purchase it. The Heroes each chip in to provide the funds for the purchase.


Campaign Session Report #19
The Dwarf Who Would Be King

Game session date: 5 April 2014

Campaign Date: 6 Tarsakh – 10 Tarsakh 1358 DR

On 6 Tarsakh, the Heroes return into Illefarn. Progressing upwards, trying to find the dwarves of Illefarn, they enter a room where a stone golem in the form of a dwarven warrior animates and plods forward. By sheer luck, Thorkil speaks the proper word – “peace” in Dwarven – and the golem returns to its guard post. Beyond the golem, in a secret area that shows no signs of having been disturbed in many, many decades, the Thorkil finds the Crown of Illefarn and other royal treasures.

Soon after finding the royal items, the Heroes finally encounter the dwarves and are taken to meet with Korin Ironaxe – who turns out to be Dervil Ironeater’s brother. Korin explains the situation to the Heroes and tells them that Dervil is the rightful heir to claim the crown, and that some of the dwarves are getting to the point that only Dervil reclaiming the crown could prod them on to take down the orcs and necromancers and retake the hall for themselves.

The Heroes decide to ride for Daggerford and do their best to talk Dervil into returning with them. They leave Illefarn, tell the elves only the most basic information at the moment, then ride towards Daggerford, camping about halfway to town.

The next morning, Tarsakh 7, the Heroes finally return to Daggerford. They first go to the Duke, making a full report to him, his advisers, and Sherlyn Spearslayer. The Duke recognizes how a returned Illefarn and renewed relations with the elves of the Misty Forest could result in a return of the ancient alliance of humans, elves, and dwarves. The Duke entreats the Heroes to do their best to convince Dervil to return with them and claim his rightful place.

Meeting with Dervil, the Heroes tell him everything, including finding the crown and other treasures. Finally, Dervil seems to believe that fate is not conspiring against him and his people and he agrees to return to Illefarn with the Heroes, but doesn’t promise he will accept the crown.

On the morning of Tarsakh 8, the Heroes find that word has already spread throughout town of “King Dervil”. They head to Dervil’s smithy and find the dwarf awaiting them, as promised. They depart Illefarn and ride all day, with no incidents, camping on the western edge of the Laughing Hollow.

The next day, Tarsakh 9, the Heroes and Dervil return to Illefarn. Deldroc informs the Heroes that he and his warriors took out a number of orcs near the old quarry worker’s entrance, but have seen no other activity. The Heroes then escort Dervil in to meet with his brother, Korin.

A war council is called, with the Heroes, Dervil, Korin, and a few other dwarves. Dervil says that he will accept the crown, but only if Illefarn can first be cleared. This perks up the other dwarves, who want a king, and a plan is made. One contingent of the dwarves will go after the orcs, while another, smaller group will accompany the Heroes after the Necromancers – and it has been learned that the bandit Jocko the Wily, who the Heroes have been chasing for months, is here with the Necromancers.

The Heroes and dwarves fight their way through waves of bandits and skeletons, pushing deeper and deeper into the necromancer’s stronghold. On the uppermost level of Illefarn, the Heroes find a room with a collapsed ceiling that opens to the sky, and a ladder offering entrance into the room from outside. Thorkil knocks the ladder over and chops it up to prevent anyone outside from getting in easily.

Very shortly afterwards, the Heroes finally encounter Kelthas the Dread. He throws more skeletons and apprentices at the Heroes, and when it looks like the Heroes have the advantage, Kelthas throws a fireball at them, wounding many of them badly (Lyssa is wounded so badly she retreats into the room with the collapsed ceiling) and killing a couple of the dwarves. Shortly afterwards, Kelthas, in a bid to escape, teleports into the room with the collapsed ceiling, then screams in rage to find his ladder destroyed.

Lyssa cries for help, and the others come running, and finally take down Kelthas the Dread. Soon after, they learn that the other contingent was successful in taking out the orc contingent. That night there is a celebration, and Dervil finally accepts the crown, being proclaimed King Dervil I by the ranking priest of Moradin with the dwarves. The Heroes are proclaimed to be both Heroes of Illefarn as well as Dwarf-friend.


Campaign Session Report #18
And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

Game session date: 29 March 2014

Campaign Date: 2 Tarsakh – 5 Tarsakh 1358 DR

As the heroes looked on in horror, the west wall surrounding Daggerford along with half of the north wall collapsed inward, burying people, horses, shops, and homes. The rest of the day is a blur of hard work as the heroes pitch in with everyone else to dig out the trapped, wounded, and killed. As the day wears on, people come in from out of town, reporting that the quake seemed to be centered east-northeast of town, putting it near the Laughing Hollow.

There are a few minor aftershocks during the night, but no further casualties, and before heading off for rest the heroes learned that everyone had been accounted for. There were thankfully only 3 deaths (all guards on duty on the wall when it fell) and only 15 were injured. It could have been so much worse.

The next day, Tarsakh 3, the heroes continued helping with clean up. With more time to occasionally pause for reflection and thought, the heroes determine that while earthquakes are not unheard of in the area, they are not very common. As the oldest among the heroes that are native to the area, Elena notes that she has not experienced an earthquake before this one at any time in her life.

Derval comes to Thorkil and asks the hero to accompany him on a perimeter check of the walls. The east wall is determined to be fine, with only minor cosmetic damage. The south wall is good near the east wall, but in bad shape near the west corner. Delfen Yellowknife’s tower is fine, and the part of the north wall still standing is in decent shape. As night falls, the heroes retire to their homes for rest.

On Tarsakh 4, the heroes help with the last of the clean up. A couple older buildings are determined to be in rough shape and may need to be torn down. One of the warehouses was completely leveled.

Word spreads through town that all livestock upstream from Daggerford are dying and that the river in that area has turned a bilious green. Thorkil goes to Sir Llewellyn and reminds him of the letter taken off a hobgoblin prisoner some months back, warning that Daggerford would be “shaken to its foundations.”

By evening, the river at Daggerford begins turning green. Llewellyn issues orders not to drink the river water, but a quick check shows that the cisterns in the city are safe. The heroes assist in posting signs around time warning about the water.

One of the alchemists in town concludes that the water has been poisoned by an influx of heavy metals, namely iron, gold, and especially copper. As the heroes are consulting with the alchemist, a guard arrives looking for Elena. An elf is by the River Gate looking for the Heroes of Daggerford. He is described as being tall, with a noble bearing, and he refuses to speak to anyone but the Heroes of Daggerford.

The Heroes make their way to the River Gate and meet with the elf, who introduces himself as Deldroc Longarrow, sent by King Melandrach. Deldroc informs the Heroes that there has been much damage in Laughing Hollow and that a rock slide caused by the quake opened a crack in the hill, and a stream of poisonous water issued forth, flowing into the river. The King of the Wood Elves formally requests the assistance of the Heroes of Daggerford.

The Heroes make haste to Duke Pwyll to inform him of the situation, and the Duke grants them leave to follow Deldroc and help the elves, with his advisers giving the heroes six vials of holy water (just in case) and a stone with continual light cast on it. The Heroes quickly gather their gear and as they are heading out the gate, Derval jogs up to them and hands them each an amulet in the shape of a hammer – telling them that are tokens of his friendship.

The Heroes depart, with Deldroc opting to ride with Elena. As they ride, Elena learns that Deldroc is actually the king’s son. Deldroc also informs them that the rock slide also uncovered a long buried entrance into the side of the hill – possibly an entrance into the dwarven kingdom of Illefarn.

The Heroes ride hard and make a rough camp for the night.

The next day, 5 Tarsakh, the Heroes ride on and reach the elven camp. King Melandrach is there and greets the Heroes as friends. he points out the crack and the entrance in the side of the hill, and Thorkil is confidant it leads into Illefarn. After quick discussion, the Heroes head in.

Almost immediately after entering, the Heroes are attacked by a group of 5 orcs. They refer to Thorkil as “one of those damn, dirty dwarves!” More orcs are encountered afterwards, and then the Heroes enter a large room where the water seems to be coming from. They are attacked by gargoyles – probably ancient guardians of the place, and after dispatching them, the Heroes manage to get the flow of poison water stopped and a stream of pure, clean water flowing. While trying to stop the flow of the poison water, Thorkil found a Helm of Underwater Action and Gloves of Climbing & Swimming.

Having taken an orc prisoner earlier, the Heroes now take the time to question the captive, learning that an orc named “Wartsnake” is in charge of the orcs. The captive also tells them that the orcs were once allied with a group of necromancers, but split away. Now there is a three way battle for control of the ancient dwarven hold – dwarves vs. orcs vs. necromancers. Apparently, the orcs also have trolls and ogres with them, as well. The orc says that there are about 40 orcs, 80 goblins, 2 trolls and 4 ogres making up the Orc Faction in the Illefarn halls. He tells them that the dwarves are concentrated on the next level up, and the necromancers, led by a man named Kelthas the Dread, are elsewhere in the complex. The orc says that it was Kelthas, using a powerful spell, that caused the earthquake, and that the orcs have determined that the crack in the walls and spillage of poison water was an unintended effect.

The Heroes retreat from Illefarn to the elven camp, turning the orc prisoner over to the elves. They camp with the elves for the night, intending to return to Illefarn the next morning.


Campaign Session Report #17
Who is Kelthas the Dread?

Game session date: 8 March 2014

Campaign Date: 21 Ches – 2 Tarsakh 1358 DR

Early in the morning of 21 Ches – what should be the first of several days off for the Heroes – the Heroes are summoned to the palace to meet with the Duke. Duke Pwyll has received a letter from Dalravyn at the Way Inn. He says that bandit activity has increased recently and that two local hunters were hired to track the bandits, finding them holed up in Riveore’s Keep, an old ruin at the base of the High Moor, a couple days ride east of The Way Inn. It was believed, based on what the hunters overheard, that bandit leader Jacko the Sly was present at the keep. Dalravyn requested that the Duke send a group to help, specifically asking for the Heroes of Daggerford.

The Heroes buy a few necessary supplies and then they hit the road, riding south for The Way Inn. The first day’s ride was uneventful and they end the day at Liam’s Hold. Word of the bandit raids to the south had already reach the hold and the people of the hamlet were glad to hear the Duke was sending the Heroes south to deal with the issue.

On Ches 22 the Heroes continue south, hearing news of bandits hitting a small caravan somewhere south of Bowshot. By Ches 23 the Heroes are at The Way Inn, meeting with Dalravyn. He introduces them to Emor Bowstride, one of the hunters that found the bandits, as well as Morn Brandywine and Gulph Buckhammer, two locals who volunteered to go along and help out. They supply up and then leave the hamlet headed east, reaching the edge of the forest by nightfall. That night, 3 undead ziburnis wander into camp, resulting in a fight.

The Heroes continue on on Ches 24, riding through the dark, thick forest. They come across an old sinkhole near the trail, but pass it by with a thought to investigate further on the return trip. Eventually, they camp for the night, still in the forest.

On the 25th, the Heroes leave the forest behind as they ride out onto the moors. In the distance, they can see the massive cliff wall that delineates the lower border moors from the High Moor proper. By mid-afternoon they reach the keep. While hidden, they formulate a plan and then fight through a couple dozen human, half-elven, half-orcish, orcish, and hobgoblin bandits, along with numerous war hounds. Once inside, they find a network of tunnels beneath the ancient keep where they manage to capture a bandit. The captive tells them that Jocko is no longer hear, that he left almost a tenday ago after getting a letter from “Kelthas”. The captive tells them that Jocko left Maren One-eye in charge, but unfortunately, the Heroes killed her in one of the skirmishes in the keep. The captive takes them to Maren’s room, which they search for anything useful, then to Jocko’s room, where they find a letter signed by Kelthas the Dread. In the letter, Kelthas informs Jocko that he is needed because the orcs have become unruly. The letter does not stay where Kelthas is located.

After looting the bandit hold thoroughly and recovering a large amount of stolen trade goods, the Heroes camp for the night outside and then ride back for The Way Inn on the morning of the 26th. The day’s ride is uneventful and they camp just inside the forest.

On the 27th, the Heroes ride again, coming once more to the sinkhole. They investigate and can see something shiny at the bottom. As Thorkil is lowered by a rope into the sinkhole, a tatzylwyrm attacks, but is dispatched before it can do much damage. The recover a fair amount of treasure from the bottom of the hole.

The next day the Heroes ride on for The Way Inn, arriving at the hamlet in the late afternoon. They turn over the identifiable trade goods to Dalravyn for redistribution to the owning caravan companies, and then they sell Dalravyn a good amount of foodstuffs recovered from the bandit larders.

On Ches 29, the Heroes push north for home, arriving in Bowshot in the early evening. They meet with Lord Bogdan and inform him of the news, and leave the prisoners with him (since Dalravyn does not have the capability of holding more than 1 prisoner). One of the prisoner’s gives them their first really good description of Jocko, explaining that he is a half-elf, possibly of wood elf heritage, that he has dark hair, tan skin, and a a tattoo of a dragon on one arm and a chimera on the other arm.

The Heroes continue their return journey, reaching Gillian’s Hill on the 30th and then finally returning to Daggerford on Tarsakh 1. They report in and then get some sleep, as they still have to report for regular guard duty the next day.

On Tarsakh 2, as the Heroes are on duty, an earthquake strikes the town of Daggerford, and the Heroes are reminded of something a hobgoblin captive said several months ago – that Daggerford would be shaken to its foundations.


Campaign Session Report #16
Verdigris the Dragon

Game session date: 22 February 2014

Campaign Date: 12 Alturiak – 20 Ches 1358 DR

After spending a month training various skills and abilities, on Alturiak 12 the Heroes decide to travel south to monitor the roads. They rode out of Daggerford and by sunset were in Gillian’s Hill, where they learned of no important news.

On Alturiak 13 they set out again, continuing south. The ride was uneventful and in the later afternoon arrived at Liam’s Hold, where they checked in at the Holdfast Inn. Again, the news was nothing exciting and no recent troubles.

The next day they were up an on the road once again, reaching one of the campsites along the road by nightfall. Elena hunted for fresh meat but only came up with a couple rabbits. She did, however, find a huge, 3-toed footprint, and the supposition was that i might be some type of troll.

On the 15th they check out the footprint again and find a trail. Following the trail, they eventually track down the creature that made it – a massive cave troll – and take the creature down.

The day after the fight with the troll, the Heroes rode overland north towards Gillian’s Hill and arrived at the hamlet in the later afternoon, finding things much as they left them a few days earlier.

On the 17th of Alturiak, the Heroes rode from Gillian’s Hill and headed for Cromm’s Hold, where they found all was in order and construction/repair of the wall on hold for the winter. They stayed at the Hold for the night, then the next day returned to Daggerford and reported in.

The Heroes spent the next few days in personal pursuits and then reported for guard duty on the 21st. The first several days of this rotation were normal and routine. Spring was slowly creeping closer, temps finally climbing back into the normal range (above freezing).

On Alturiak 27, as the Heroes were on the parade ground, they spotted a winged creature diving towards them. Closer inspection showed that it wasn’t actually diving, but falling instead, and it hit the ground nearby – a young copper dragon and atop it was a young wyvern. Landing next to the battling pair was another wyvern. The Heroes – and other guards – pitched in and defeated the wyverns, but the dragon was pretty badly wounded. Even with healing from the cleric, he would need several days to recover from the wyvern poison in his blood.

The dragon introduced himself as Verdigris. He had recently been in Waterdeep visiting The Blackstaff and was attacked by the wyverns in mid-air. Verdigris was extremely grateful for the Heroes help, and formally asked the Duke’s permission to remain in the city for a few days until he was well enough to fly again, which was granted.

For the next few days, the Heroes were assigned duty to guard Verdigris and keep him company. On Alturiak 30, the dragon decided he felt well enough to travel. He pulled small gems from his scales and gave one to each of the Heroes as a thank you, then took to the air and winged his way south. The rest of the day was spent on routine patrol duty.

The Heroes had the next tenday off, and they spent most of it in training. They returned to guard duty on the 11th of Ches, with the first several days passing as routine. Noran celebrated his 25th birthday on the 13 Ches and Elena celebrated her 26th birthday on 14 Ches.

On 18 Ches, as the Heroes are finishing up their shift, Sherlen comes to tell them that the next day they will be on wagon guard duty to Black Helm Tower, to the northeast, as the Duke and the city are sending official paperwork for archiving with the High Heralds. They set out on the 19th (Spring Equinox). Along the way they help some local farmers herd several aurochs and then reach Black Helm Tower in the early evening. The Heroes help haul the crates and barrels inside then are assigned quarters in the guesthouse. The next day they leave the tower and return to Daggerford without incident.


Campaign Session Report #15
Winter Wolves

Game session date: 8 February 2014

Campaign Date: 21 Nightal 1357 – 11 Alturiak 1358 DR

21 Nightal was the first day of a tenday off duty for the Heroes. They spend most of that tenday training and studying and in personal pursuits. During the tenday a heavy amount of snow falls, but by the end of the tenday the snow is over and the bitter cold temps begin to moderate to only mildly cold.

The 1st day of Hammer – the first day of the new year, 1358 DR, the Year of Shadows, finds the Heroes once again on guard duty. This day and the next are spent in routine patrol, but on the 3rd of Hammer, during their lunch, the Heroes are summoned to Commander Sherlen’s office. Reports have come in of very large white wolves attacking and killing livestock nearby to the east, along with the report of a farmer and his two kids being killed as well. Witnesses say the wolves were stark white and as large as ponies. Elena guesses them to be winter wolves. The heroes gather their gear and head out immediately for the farm where the three people were killed, arriving there around sunset. They find the place a bloody shambles, and find large wolf prints in the snow. The Heroes stay at the farmhouse for the night and set out to track the wolves the next morning.

The trail of the wolves leads the Heroes northeast to the edge of the hills. The two sets of tracks are joined by four sets from slightly smaller wolves (Elena believes these to be dire wolves dominated by the winter wolf pair). They track the entire pack to an ancient tomb in the side of a large hill, find the wolves sleeping, and attack them, getting the upper hand. After dispatching the evil wolves, the Heroes set out to explore this long lost tomb, finding, among other things, a glowing fountain of magical water that has no discernible effect on any of them, an altar to the ancient god of the sun, Amaunator, with two large gem stones, a strange pillar covered with runes, a small pile of treasure on an island in an underground stream (which includes a magical, dragon-slaying sword of dwarven make), and several undead.

Satisfied that the wolves are no longer a problem and the undead in the tomb are dispatched, the Heroes set out to return to Daggerford. They again stay at the farmstead overnight and on the 5th of Hammer return to Daggerford to make their report. Thorkil takes the dwarven sword, which he thinks might be the sword of the king of Illefarn, to Dervil, but after careful examination Dervil proclaims the sword to be a very good – and possibly official – copy, maybe given to a son or respected general.

The Heroes spend the rest of the tenday on routine patrol through town and on the walls. When their shift is over on the 10th, they begin a stretch of 41 days off all to themselves. They decided to spend the next 30 days in training.


Campaign Session Report #14
Courier Duty

Game session date: 1 February 2014

Campaign Date: 11Nightal – 20 Nightal 1357 DR

On the 11th of Nightal, the Heroes went to the Duke’s palace to pick up the package for Lord Piergeron of Waterdeep. At that time, they were each given an extra 10 gp for expenses on the trip. Their orders were to take the package straight to Castle Waterdeep and present it to The Blackstaff. They would stay overnight in Waterdeep and head home the day after arriving. Leaving Daggerford, the first day’s ride north was uneventful outside of meeting a small hunting party, and they reached a camp around sunset. That night, there was a fight with some starving wolves.

The 12th of Nightal was uneventful as well and the Heroes reached the Roosting Griffon Inn by late afternoon. The inn was surprisingly busy, with a party of gnome gem merchants from Waterdeep headed for Secomber, a couple gold dwarves from far to the south headed to Waterdeep, a party of merchants from the Waterdeep headed east, and a mysterious black-cloaked man sitting in a dark corner, watching everyone else. The innkeeper, Farrel, tells the Heroes there have been more hobgoblins about lately, as well as more axebeaks.

That night, someone tried to break into the Heroes room, but they could find no guilty party.

The next morning, the 13th, the Heroes gathered for breakfast before departing, finding that the merchants as well as the mysterious man were all up and gone before the Heroes awoke. After breakfast, the Heroes continued north and had a run in with some starving goblin dogs. Elena’s horse, Boots, was killed by animals. Around sunset, they reach Zundbridge where the guards stationed there tell them that a mysterious black-cloaked man passed by a few hours earlier, headed north.

On the 14th, the Heroes leave Zundbridge on their last day of riding before Waterdeep. An hour or so after setting out, as they pass the Rat Hills, they encounter a large group of scavenging kobolds, but quickly out-ride them, reaching Waterdeep around noon. After entering the city, they realize that someone is tailing them, but they can’t identify the tail.

As they arrive at Castle Waterdeep, the Heroes see The Blackstaff on the steps leading up to the main doors, where he is talking to the mysterious black-cloaked man from The Roosting Griffon. They are able to hear the man enough to know that his accent puts him from around the vicinity of Baldur’s Gate. After he takes his leave, the Blackstaff turns to the Heroes and accepts the package from Duke Pwyll on behalf of Lord Piergeron. They inquire about the black-cloaked man and are told that he is Zander Kane of Baldur’s Gate, an agent of the Harpers. The Blackstaff gives each Hero a token that grants them lodging and food at the Yawning Portal for one night then bids them farewell.

Leaving Castle Waterdeep, the Heroes stop at a stable where Elena buys a new horse and names it Scout. They then go on to the Yawning Portal to stay the night. While taking their evening meal, the lift comes up from Undermountain bearing a very morose party of adventurers who clearly lost a member of their party. The whole inn goes quite for several long minutes.

On the 15th, the Heroes have breakfast at the Yawning Portal then set out for the south. Their ride is uneventful, outside of seeing a herd of wild cattle in the distance, and they reach Zundbridge in early afternoon.

The 16th finds the Heroes riding to the Roosting Griffon Inn after an uneventful day. The Griffon is much quieter on the return trip, with only a small party of hunters present. The hunters report killing an axebeak just south of the Griffon the day before.

On the 17th, the Heroes continue their return trip. A few hours after leaving the Griffon they find a dead axebeak being scavenged by crows, and they kill 3 more of the giant predatory birds themselves. They camp for the night, but their camp is disturbed by wandering ghouls, probably escaped from some tomb or ruins nearby.

Finally, the Heroes return to Daggerford on the 18th of Nightal after an uneventful day’s ride. The next two days are spent on uneventful town patrol, and the weather turns bitter cold.


Campaign Session Report #13

Game session date: 25 January 2014

Campaign Date: 18 Uktar – 10 Nightal 1357 DR

Very early in the morning of 18 Uktar, there was a minor fire at Wayfel’s Smithy but it was put out quickly. At sunrise, the four returned from Waterdeep met up with their friend Kratos, who had stayed behind in Daggerford to work on a suit of masterwork agile half-plate, which he finished the day before. The four filled Kratos in on all that had happened to them, and learned that it had been fairly calm and quite in Daggerford while they were gone.

After breakfast, they go visit Derval Ironeater and take him the mithral Thorkil picked up in Waterdeep, and since Thorkil found a mithral chain shirt in Waterdeep he decided to have five daggers (one for each Hero) and a new battle axe made from the mithral brought in. They also handed over a large adamantine battle axe they took from the Zanbosian minotaur and asked Derval to melt it down and turn it into 20 arrowheads and 5 daggers.

The heroes went their own ways to do daily business for the rest of the day, and then met up again for dinner at the Lady Luck. While nearly done with dinner, the door opened and two women and a huge, very ugly man walked in and took a seat across the room from the Heroes. As the newcomers talked quietly with one another, Kratos suggested Lyssa sneak closer to listen to them. While Lyssa was doing that, one of the women left the table and went to the bar and Elena went up to the bar as well and tried to start a conversation. The woman looked at her for a moment, then asked, “Are you Elena Darktreader?” When Elena acknowledged she was, the woman said, “You can cut the head off a hydra, but two will grow back,” and then stabbed Elena.

A huge but quick fight then erupted in the bar, and the big, ugly man turned out to be an ogre with a hat of disguise. The Heroes did manage to take one of the women alive, though unconscious, and hauled her down to the guardhouse and threw her in a cell. On one of the bodies, they found a note that listed them each by name and general description, ordered them eliminated “by any means necessary”, and was signed, “J.” They also find on the captive, in a hidden compartment in her boot heel, two lockpicks and a poison capsule.

Investigation brought them the knowledge that the three attackers entered the town by the main gate and that they were seen coming down the road from the north by a farmer.

That evening, Elena speaks with her father about Waterdeep and other things, and learns that Baroness Priann is now set to marry Sir Frederick. It won’t be as prosperous a union as marrying into the Snome family would have been, but will ensure stability since the folk of Cromm’s Hold know and like the knight.

On the morning of the 19th of Uktar the Heroes return to the guardhouse and learn that the prisoner is dead. In the night, she tricked a guard into entering her cell, then attacked him and she was killed in the process. However, before that happened, Commander Sherlin did learn several things, including that there is a bandit camp in the hills to the northeast of town, they are part of Jocko’s group, and – she suspects, based on some intimations made by the prisoner – that the whole things is orchestrated by the Zhentarim. Sherlin is sure that the attack in the Lady Luck was specifically in retaliation for the defeat of Ssesskar and the Dragon Fang tribe.

The next day was spent relaxing and doing mundane, daily chores and jobs and then on the 21st of Uktar the Heroes were back on guard duty for the first time in 30 days. The day itself was uneventful, but shortly after going to bed that night they were all awakened by commotion. An unoccupied building behind Darfin Longwalker’s house (Elena’s great-uncle) burned to the ground, and investigation revealed that two beggars living in the house died. Thorkil investigates and is able to learn that the fire originated on the outside northeast corner of the building and he even finds residual magic aura of the evocation school.

On the 22nd, the Heroes go back to Wayfel’s Smithy and talk to the smith about his fire. He originally thought it was an accident caused by the forge, but now isn’t so sure. They then talk to Sherlin and switch to night shift for the remainder of their rotation in order to look for the arsonist.

The next several nights pass uneventfully for them, with no new leads, but on the night of the 26th, while they are on patrol near the River Gate, Thorkil smells smoke. By the time they get to the fire on the north side of town, they find the Guildmaster’s Hall nearly fully engulfed in flames. They work with others to get the fire out, and prevent it from spreading, but the Hall itself is nearly completely destroyed. After the fire is out, Thorkil looks around the outside and finds the residual aura of evocation magic on the southeast corner of the building.

While he is doing that, Elena overhears several of the guild masters talking and they mention that they blame Kelvin Delimbyr IV, scion of the Delimbyr family and current proprietor of the River Shining Tavern – where the guild masters used to meet until the Hall was built two years ago. But one of them mentions that soon after the Hall was built Kelvin was overheard saying, “Someone should burn it to the ground.”

With their shift over, the Heroes retire for the day and when they awake on the 27th for their next shift, Commander Sherlin informs them that she checked into things during the day and Kelvin Delimbyr was not in town at all the previous day and has an airtight alibi. The Heroes will continue their investigation during the night.

That night, while on patrol They spot a flash of light down the street and run to investigate, finding the shipyards just starting to burn. Thorkil works to put out the fire as Lyssa and Kratos chase after a mysterious figure that ran down an alley. They catch up with the figure and find a 10-year-old human boy. They get the fire out before it does serious damage and take the kid to the guardhouse, and his parents are summoned. It turned out that the kid had found a wand of burning hands on a dead body in a field and had somehow figured out how to use it, and had become fascinated with fire.

After a private meeting between Commander Sherlin, Lord Llewellyn, Delfin Yellowknife, and the kid’s father, it was decided that the kid would be sent to Waterdeep to the Mage’s Guild to study and learn to control his magical talents, and that the father’s farm will pay a hefty annual tax over the next decade to pay for the damages.

The last two days of this guard rotation are uneventful, and on the Feast of the Moon, the Heroes and the town spend the day in quiet reflection of those who died during the last year.

The next tenday is spent with each hero working on personal matters, mundane duties and in study. In the afternoon of the 10th, the Heroes are called to Commander Sherlin’s office and she tells them that when their new rotation starts the next day they are to report directly to Lord Llewellyn at the palace as they are being sent to Waterdeep with a diplomatic pouch from the Duke to Lord Piergeron.


Campaign Session Report #12.5
Waterdeep, Part 3 - Finishing Undermountain

Game session date: 24 January 2014

Campaign Date: 3 Uktar – 17 Uktar 1357 DR

Leaving the trapped room behind, the Heroes continued north to a long, wide east-west hallway filled with statues. Before they could examine the statues, there was a loud roar and several screams from a door to the east, and underneath the noise Elena could hear someone shout, “Run! It’s got us!”

They moved to the door hurriedly, and after Noran pronounced it free of traps, Thorkil flung it open. Inside, they saw a huge room, near the center of which was a chimera munching on a dead body, with four other bodies strewn about. The chimera saw the Heroes and charged. It was a vicious fight, but the Heroes prevailed and then examined the five dead bodies, finding on some of them tattoos of the symbol of Zanbos.

There were three sets of double doors in the east wall of the chimera room (the northernmost of which were open) and one set in the south. They investigated the south door first and when Elena moved ahead without having Noran check for traps, she triggered a trap and fell into a 30 feet deep pit. The party used ropes to help her climb out, and beyond the pit was a room with numerous glowing rocks in the walls and floor. On each glowing rock was etched a name, and as they looked around, Elena found her name on one them. There was nothing else in the room.

They left the glowing room and moved back through the chimera room and out the open doorway. To the northeast, Elena heard voices and up a short flight of stairs she saw torchlight. Sneaking up, she saw five people inside, hastily throwing items into a chest. When one them said, “If Dandobar hadn’t gotten himself caught, we wouldn’t have to do this,” she knew she’d found the cultists of Zanbos. She signaled the others and they leaped to attack. Immediately, one of the cultists threw a lever and opened a gate, allowing a minotaur out to join the fight.

It was an extremely vicious fight, with Elena dropping unconscious and being saved by Lyssa and a potion of healing, but eventually the Heroes triumphed and defeated the cultists and their minotaur. They gathered the items from the chest and also the dead body of the head of the cult and headed back to the surface, taking the body and items to the Blackstaff, who thanked them and rewarded them with 50 Waterdhavian harbor moons (worth 50 gp each in Waterdeep or 2 gp each outside the city).

The Heroes then spent the next 10 days doing nothing but relaxing at the Pampered Traveler and nearby taverns, playhouses, and festhalls. They left Waterdeep on the morning of the 14th of Uktar and had an uneventful journey back to Daggerford, arriving late on the 17th.



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