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Half-elves are a mixture of human and elf, and occupy the middle ground between the two. They are stockier than elves, but thinner than humans, and may or may not show the distinctive, elven pointed ears. They still have the slender and finely chiseled facial features of the elven faces. It is possible for a half-elf to pass as human or elf for brief periods, but usually such duplicity is discovered.

Half-elves are not a true race, but rather the product of the union of human and elf, and as such they have no national or racial heritage other than that of the area and family they have been brought up in. A half-elf that has been raised in the Elven Court thinks like an elf; while one from Aglarond thinks like a human, for the elven people have been long bred into the general population there.

As a result of their hybrid heritage, half-elves tend to be individualistic and their outlook and behavior varies greatly from person to person. Many are adventurers by nature, in that they are seeking their own niche in a world where (to their eyes) they belong truly to neither major culture.

Half-elves take on some of the features of their elven subrace:

  • Moon half-elves tend to be pale with just a touch of blue around the ears and at the chin.
  • Sun half-elves tend to have bronzed skin.
  • Wood half-elves tend to have copperish skin and brown hair.
  • Wild half-elves are very rare and tend to have copperish skin tinged with green, and coppery hair.
  • Sea half-elves tend to be a blend of the fleshtones of their human and elven parents. For instance, the child of a Lantan merchant and a Great Sea elf is likely to be a light green.
  • Llewyrr half-elves are all but unknown, but those that are known tend to have bronze skin and hazel eyes.
  • Drow half-elves are very rare and tend to be dusky-colored with silver or white hair and the eye colors found in humans.

Half-elves may mate and breed, but will always produce the offspring of the other parent (a half-elf—elf pairing will produce elven children, while a half-elf—human pairing will result in human children). Second generation half-elves only result if two half-elves marry.

Half-elves, being half-breeds, have no true homelands, though half-elves are common in some regions, such as in Aglarond, Cormyr, the Dalelands, the High Forest, or Silverymoon. In these regions there are highly concentrated populations of half-elves, particularly so in Aglarond, which is the only country where half-elves have become the majority.

Half elf2

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