Halflings, known as “hin” amongst themselves, are humanoid creatures similar in shape to humans, who halflings call the “Big Folk,” but around half the size. Halflings get along well with most of the other races and are known for their curiosity and tendency to collect things.

The term “halfling” is derived from the fact that a halfling is around half of the size of a human, but otherwise very similar in appearance.

There are three subraces of halfling in the Realms:

Lightfoot Halfling: Lightfoot halflings are the most common type of halflings seen in the world, in large part due to their famous wanderlust, which sets them apart from the relatively sedentary ghostwise and strongheart halflings. Lightfoots are most comfortable living alongside other cultures, even adopting their cultural practices, right down to their deities.

A typical lightfoot halfling stands around three feet tall and weighs around 35 pounds. Their skin colors range from light pink to slightly reddish or bronze, and their hair color is typically auburn, brown or black. Facial hair among males is rare except for extremely old halflings.

Lightfoot halfling

Strongheart Halfling: Strongheart halflings are rarer than lightfoot halflings, especially in the north. The only exception to this is in the far south, in and around the nation of Lurien, the ancient halfling homeland. The strongheart halflings are, like the ghostwise and lightfoot hin, native to Luiren. They trace their ancestry back to the same long-lost days as the other subraces, but unlike their cousins, the stronghearts elected to remain in their homeland following the events of the Hin Ghostwar. The legacy of Chand, the strongheart war chieftain who galvanized his tribe against the threat of the feral ghostwise, lives on today in a nation that both reinforces and defies many of the expectations non-halflings have of this race.

Strongheart halflings are slightly taller and heavier than lightfoot halflings. Their skin color is a deep tan or bronze color, and their hair is usually brown or black. Facial hair among males is far more common than on lightfoot halflings, but still more typical in older individuals than the younger ones.

Strongheart halfling

Ghostwise Halfling: Ghostwise halflings are by far the rarest of the three subraces of halfling living in Faerûn. They are elusive and do not welcome strangers to their lands. Instead, they prefer to pursue a nomadic way of life within their adopted homeland, the Chondalwood, associating mainly with those of their own clan. Those who seek out the ghostwise most often fail to achieve their goal; the fortunate among them live to regret their intrusion into their territory.

Ghostwise halflings are most like strongheart halflings in size and appearance, but often present red or coppery hair in addition to brown or black.

Ghostwise halfling

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