The Planet and Continents

The Planet and its Continents

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Abeir-Toril (Ah-BEER Tor-RILL), more commonly called Toril, is the name of the orb that Faerûn and the Forgotten Realms are set upon, just as Earth is the orb that Eurasia is set upon. The name is archaic, meaning cradle of life, and is rarely used in everyday speech.

Abeir-Toril is an Earth-sized planet dominated by a large continent in its northern hemisphere as well as a number of other large landmasses scattered about its surface. This northern continent is called Faerûn in the west, Kara-Tur in the east, and Zakhara in the south.

Abeir-Toril has a single satellite, Selûne (also the name of the goddess of the night sky and navigation). This luminous, heavenly body is followed in its path across the sky by a collection of shining shards, called the Tears of Selûne. These tears are said to be nothing more than a cluster of ordinary asteroids and debris that trail the moon in its path, yet the Tears remain reflective and bright even when the moon is new in the sky.

In addition to the moon, there are seven visible planets that wander against the star-misted sky. They are dusky Anadia, green Coliar, blue Karpri and Chandos, ringed Glyth, odd-appearing Garden, and disk-shaped H’Catha. All follow regular paths around the sun. The stars are distant and eternal, and form themselves into patterns and constellations that each culture names according to its own desires.

A Torillian year is 365 days of 24 hours each. An orbit of Selûne is roughly 30 days.

Faerûn (Fay-ROON) is the cradle of the Realms, the heart of the FORGOTTEN REALMS® campaign setting. In discussion, Faerûn and the Realms are used interchangeably. Faerûn consists of the northwest quarter of the dominant continent on Toril. It is bounded on the west by the Trackless Sea, on the south by the Great Sea, on the east by the wide expanses of the Hordelands, and on the north by the ice of the uttermost north. The continent includes a number of large off-shore islands, including Lantan, Nimbral, the Moonshaes, fabled Anchorome, and Evermeet.

Beyond the lands of Thay and Rashemen is a land of endless emptiness, paling with its vast openness even the Shaar to the south or the Fields of the Dead in the Western Heartlands. It is treeless land occupied by barbarian herdsmen and raiders, the hollow link between Faerûn and Kara-Tur. It is called the Endless Waste in old texts. Its people call it Taan and themselves the Tuigan. The modem natives of Faerûn call it the Hordelands.

Beyond the emptiness of the Hordelands lies a mystical and magical land known as Kara-Tur (Kah-rah-TOUR). It is a region very different from the lands of the Realms, and in the past only the hints of whispers of legends have come across that land to this. Many stories that cannot be placed elsewhere are said to come “from Kara-Tur when the world was still new.”

Far to the south, beyond the fabled lands of Halruaa and Luiren, of Durpar and Var the Golden, is a very different world, as alien as the Hordelands and as powerful as Kara-Tur. Located on the far side of the Great Sea, it is a hot, dry land of deserts and rocky mountains, its great cities hugging the coastlines for trade and water. It is a land of magic unknown in the north, of powerful monsters and more-powerful rulers. It is known as Zakhara (Zah-KARRah), the Burning World, the Land of Fate.

(SOURCEForgotten Realms Campaign Setting / A Grand Tour of the Realms)

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The Planet and Continents

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