Daggerford and the North

Campaign Session Report #11

Waterdeep, Part 2

Game session date: 10 January 2014

Campaign Date: 28 Marpenoth – 30 Marpenoth 1357 DR

The Heroes arose the morning of the 28th of Marpenoth and had breakfast at their inn before heading to the market. Along the way, Thorkil presented Elena with a gift, an everburning torch he had made for her the night before. They wandered the market for a while, then visited a few shops, ending up at a place called Xondarul’s Magic Emporium, where both Lyssa and Noran purchased magic items.

While out and about, they overhear some folks talking about the Masked Rogue striking yet again in Cat’s Alley. While Thorkil heads up to his room to meditate for a bit, Elena, Lyssa, and Noran wandered through Cat’s Alley, scoping it out. After that, they went exploring down by the docks.

Thorkil meditates for a while, then dresses in his finest robes and heads back to the Mage’s Guild where he presents himself for membership. After demonstrating his capabilities to the members, Thorkil was voted in as a member and presented with a cloak pin to show his membership.

That night, the Heroes decided to head to Cat’s Alley again to see if they could track down the Masked Rogue, using Lyssa as bait. They eventually found him and jumped him, and the rogue died trying to fight his way out. Before the guards arrived, the heroes unmasked him and found him to be Lord Dandobar Snome, recently betrothed to Baroness Priann of Cromm’s Hold in a match arranged by Duke Pwyll. They also found on him a tattoo of the vile god Zanbos.

The next day Thorkil wrote an encoded message to Duke Pwyll and, after impressing those at Castle Waterdeep with it’s importance, had it sent by griffon rider to Daggerford. In the letter, Thorkil explained everything about Snome.

While he was gone, Elena visited the League of Skinners and Tanners, the Adventurers’ Guild, and the Fellowship of Bowyers and Fletchers, and decided to join the Fellowship. Unlike Thorkil and the mages, Elena did not have to prove her skill or be voted in – she simply paid her joining fee and then opted to pay a year’s worth of dues up front. She received a cloak pin as a badge of membership and purchased a set of masterwork quality tools for crafting and repairing bows and arrows.

The rest of the day was spent by all in relaxation.

On the 30th of Marpenoth, the Heroes went down to the Yawning Portal to see about Undermountain.



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