Daggerford and the North

Campaign Session Report #12

Waterdeep, Part 3

Game session date: 18 January 2014

Campaign Date: 30 Marpenoth – 3 Uktar 1357 DR

At the Yawning Portal, the Heroes listened to the conversations and watched others. They asked around among the patrols present about Undermountain and hear a few things, including that the Lords of Waterdeep pay for the destruction of evil temples/shrines that exist withing Undermountain and that at least part of the massive dungeon was originally built by dwarves of Clan Melarkyn. They also hear that slavers are rumored to haunt the upper levels, that there are temples of many faiths that are at war with each other, that monsters of all kinds exists and that there are some dead magic zones and some types of magic just don’t work at all anywhere in the dungeon. They decide to buy a few things before they return and enter Undermountain later.

The next couple of days are spent in relaxation and buying a few items from the market or shops they think they might need for Undermountain.

On the morning of Uktar 3rd, while they are eating breakfast, a member of the City Watch arrived looking for them, with a summons to Piergeron’s Palace. Arriving at the Palace, they are met by the Blackstaff, who is aware of their intentions to enter Undermountain. He asks them to look into whether there is a cult of Zanbos operating in the dungeon and offers to let them leave their horses at the Palace Stables.

The Heroes then head to the Yawning Portal, pay their gold coin each, and are lowered via the lift down to the first level of Undermountain. The bottom of the well is very well traveled, and the walls are covered with broken and battered shields – Elena sees one of them has the words, “Crevasse by the stone shaped like Cormyr” etched into it, but no one knows what that means.

They see a few other things written on shields or stones, including:

  • “Beware the She-wolf and her night hounds – they killed Sarth!”
  • “Durambar Ironshanks was here and killed more orcs than he could count!” (underneath it was written, in a different hand, “That means 11!”)
  • “Tymora remember me!”
  • “When you hear screaming, go the other way.” (underneath it was written, in a different hand, “Coward!”)

Proceeding cautiously down the corridors, they found a secret door. On the other side, an armored construct that Thorkil identified as a helmed horror approached them, but rather than attack, it presented them with a ring, which Thorkil took and, after studying it, was able to determine it was a minor artifact that would function only within Undermountain, but which gave the wearer some good powers while in the dungeon. In this same room they found an old brass key.

Further down, they came to a room with numerous pillars and a single statue of a woman. When they left the room, the statue animated and attacked them, and after a few moments of panic, they were able to slip away from it. Thorkil identified it as another type of construct known as a caryatid column.

They came to another room and found three orcs taking a break, eating some cold roast rabbit, and playing dice. A quick fight ensued and the Heroes were victorious.

Moving on, they eventually came to a massive room with three huge statues of ancient elven and human heroes. There was a plain-looking staff lying on the floor and when Thorkil touched the staff, it screamed and a hobgoblin ran out of a tunnel and attacked. It wasn’t a long fight, and the hobgoblin was the only one.

Continuing in a generally northerly movement, the Heroes found themselves in a heavily trapped room, though the traps looked to have been set off long ago and never reset. There were blades and spikes jutting from ceiling, floor and walls of the room. At the south end of the room was a small closet and mostly looted chest.



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