Book 1 Soundtrack

I have compiled a soundtrack for Book 1. You can view it here.

Each PC and NPC from Book 1 has a track, and each chapter/session has a track. There is also a track for the the Campaign Theme and a Book 1 Ending theme.

Daggerford & the North: Book 1 Soundtrack

1. Daggerford & the North (Celts)
2. Thorkil’s Theme (Misty Mountains)
3. Elena’s Theme (Elf Song Tavern)
4. Lyssa’s Theme (Concerning Hobbits)
5. Into the Lizard Marsh (The Bog)
6. Enter Jocko (Bandit Melee)
7. Chasing Bandits (Sess’sth’s Theme)
8. Kratos’ Theme (The Battle)
9. The Death of Jeph (Skyrim: Far Horizons)
10. Guarding Coins (An Inn Across the Mountains)
11. Introducing Noran (Jabadaw)
12. Return to the Swamp (The Purple Lotus Swamp)
13. The Fog Begins to Lift (Exploring the Plains)
14. Harvest Festival – (Dans Bro-Leon)
15. Abduction of Lady Bronwyn (Giant Spiders)
16. The Heroes of Daggerford (Destiny Awaits)
17. Waterdeep (Epic Music)
18. The Masked Rogue (Skirmish)
19. Undermountain! (Descent into the Depths)
20. Assassins! (Attacked by Assassins)
21. Courier Duty (Hamlets of Aquilonia)
22. Winter Wolves (Enter the Korcari Wilds)
23. Verdigris the Dragon (Tavern Music)
24. Who is Kelthas the Dread? (Dark Tower)
25. And the Walls Came Tumbling Down (Evil Unleashed)
26. The Dwarf Who Would Be King (The Dwarven Nobles)
27. A Mission for the Blackstaff (Transylvania 1887)
28. Albion Armitage’s Astounding Arsenal (Market Place)
29. Book 1 Ends (Skyrim)

Book 1 Soundtrack

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