Almost all beings in the Realms worship many gods; as a rule, only zealots and clergy venerate just one deity. In other words, a farmer could mainly revere Chauntea, but also pray to appease Talos to keep crop-damaging storms away, Malar to keep beasts from attacking him or his folk in the fields and to send vermin elsewhere, Talona to keep disease and blight at bay, and so on.

That said, even clergy will often invoke the names of gods allied to their patron – or at least not enemies of their patron. For example, a cleric of Mielikki might say, “Tymora willing” when asked if a mission will be successful.

There are many deities in the Realms, even among humans, and this plethora of divine beings, and the wide variance of “portfolios” which they represent or epitomize, has led to general tolerance of the beliefs and worship of others in the Realms. This extends to all who do not break laws among the general populace, the Court, and the soldiers of the King. Human sacrifice is considered murder in lawful realms, and use of another’s goods as offerings is both theft and wanton destruction.

Individuals, particularly clerics, may not be all tolerant of the beliefs of others. It is considered impolite to inquire too deeply into the details of worship of a god one does not worship or is not likely to worship.

The list of deities is long. Here follows those few that are commonly worshipped in and around Daggerford.

Great Mother
Goddess of Agriculture
Symbol: A budding flower encircled by the sun, or a sheaf of golden wheat.
NOTES: The Great Mother is the patron of the farmers and gardeners, and her hand is on every place where men seek to grow. Chauntea is not a goddess given to spectacle or pageant, but rather to small acts of devotion, and her temples are often small caverns and modest chambers filled with greenery. Chauntea is always at war with Auril and Talos. The Earth Mother of Moonshae may be a guise or aspect of Chauntea.

Corellon Larethian (Core-ELLEN Luh-RAY-thian)
Creator of Elves
The Protector, Preserver of Life, Ruler of All Elves
Symbol: Crescent moon
NOTES: Corellon Larethian is the reputed creator of the elves, the banisher of the drow, and the head of the elven pantheon, or Seldarine. He (or she: Corellon manifests as either gender) and his followers make their home in the plane of Arvandor. His symbol is the crescent moon. He is a greater power, as befits his rank.

God of Spring, Dawn, Conception, Vitality, Eternal Youth, Renewal, Self-Perfection, Beginnings
Symbol: A wooden disk of rosy pink hue.
NOTES: Lathander, Lord of Morning is commander of creativity. Offerings are made to him by those who worship other powers upon the occasion of beginning a new venture or forming an alliance or company. Lathander’’s presentation is either as a rosy radiance or mist, or, in earlier renditions, of a golden-skinned male youth of great beauty. Lathander’s priests wear robes of pink or scarlet, the higher ranks having them trimmed with ornate ribbons of gold.

Lady of the Forest
Goddess of Forests, Dryads, Patron of Rangers
Symbol: Symbol: The unicorn (or the white star on a green leaf)
Notes: Mielikki is the Lady of the Forest, the goddess of the woods and those creatures who live within them. She is the patron of rangers in the same way that Oghma is the patron of bards. Mielikki appears as a young maiden with leaves and golden moss for hair, garbed in sheer robes of green and yellow. Her symbol is the unicorn, or in older texts, the white star on the green leaf.

Moradin (MORE-a-DUHN)
Soul Forger, the All-Father, the Creator
Symbol: Hammer and anvil
NOTES: Moradin is the Soulforger, the ancestral creator of the dwarven race. He is the ultimate craftsman, and the respected head of the large and diverse dwarven pantheon. His symbol, as might be expected, is the anvil and hammer.

The Lord of Battles, Foehammer
God of War
Symbol: Blazing sword on blood-red field.
NOTES: The Lord of Battles is venerated by all alignments and all causes in conflict. He appears as a 12-foot-tall human giant in battered and bloodied armor, his face hidden by a massive war helm. His shoulders and legs are bare and crossed with wounds, and he is always bleeding, though never tiring. Tempus is called upon before the evening of battle, to enhance the skills of one side and curse another. Tempus has been known to manifest to one side or the other in battle to indicate his favor. Most often he is seen standing with one foot on a white mare, Veiros, and the other on a black stallion, Deiros. If seen riding the mare, favor in battle is indicated, while riding the stallion foretells defeat. The priests of Tempus wear battered armor, but in larger temple complexes wear skull caps made of steel.

Lady Luck
Goddess of Good Fortune, Luck, Victory, Skill, Patron of Adventurers and Warriors
Symbol: Featureless disk of silver
NOTES: Lady Luck is fickle, and not great in power; she helps those who help themselves. She appears as a short-haired, boyish woman with a crafty look, and areas with large halfling populations, as a halfling. Tymora may best an opponent in any single contest per day, and in addition will always make her saving throw. Her clerics often wear her symbol (the silver disk), and often find her favor bestowed upon them in times of great need. Skill and innovation are rewarded by her with good luck, wherefore many adventurers pay her homage.

Liberty’’s Maiden, Merchantsfriend
Goddess of Trade, Money
Symbol: A woman’s full face or profile within a circle of gold.
NOTES: A relatively recent goddess, but quite favorite with the merchant class and traders, who revere her, if not in hopes of her kindness, than in hopes they will be elsewhere when be brings financial ruin upon the unwary. She is portrayed as a richly garbed blonde woman with a pair of large golden lions at her feet.

For a complete list of the Forgotten Realms deities, download this document: Faiths of the Forgotten Realms.

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